The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, May 22, 2009

RaeAnne is 16 months today!!! :)

RaeAnne woke up at 630am and slept again until 945am after milk feed. After I changed her wet diapers and put her pyjamas back on then I realised that today is 22 May so she's 16 months today. Decided to dress her up 'mei mei' in a nice sleeveless dress and her new white Clarks shoes since today is a special day. She refused to smile until I gave her my camera case to play. Finally managed to get a good shot at home and at Nai Nai's place when she was busy eating porridge. She was like a pretty doll today, even a uncle on bicycle turned to look at her while we were waiting to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. ;)

So, what is new in the past month?

1) She can now undo the zip of my camera case. Last time, she don't know how to open the zipper and will make a lot of noise until we unzip for her. Oh no, another barrier removed for her to open and explore things. :P
2) She can say 'Na2' or 'Nay Nay' (sounds like Nai Nai). Most of the time, she will say 'Bye' upon request too.
3) She can now stand on the weighing scale herself but don't know why when she's alone, she's lighter, 2 days ago, her weight was only 9.5 kg. Hmmm...?
4) She can slide down a low slide on her own, I tried it 2 weeks ago, let go of her at the top and she slide down fine. Didn't cry when she reached the bottom even though I was not there. I quickly slide down to pick her up before other kids crash into her. ;)
5) Can understand conversation very well. Even though she can't speak yet. Eg. when Nai Nai complained that she 'man3 tou2 da4 han4, she immediately went to fetch a paper fan for me to fan her. When I started flipping her wet hair (after Nai Nai bathed her), she immediately went to pull her towel hung over the dining chair so that I can dry her hair. Will pull or push the chair so that she can climb and get access to what she wants eg. kitchen cabinet, kitchen table, dining table. She's not the least worried and doesn't give up even if she is hanging of the table with only her hands like tarzan. If she wants, means she wants. Very determined gal.
6) Throwing tantrums still no improvement. Will throw away things and scream when her requests are rejected.
7) Sleeping through the night, nope except on lucky nights. Most nights, she'll wake up to cry for no reason and want us to carry her. :P She still loves to poke and lie on my belly although I keep trying to stop her by telling her 'cannot, wait baby pain pain'. Loves to kiss and babble to my tummy too. If she does this at night, I'll tell her that 'baby sleep already, don't disturb baby, bb not listening to you' But she'll only get angry and babble more. ;P

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