The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time to think of a new name for our blog

Why a new name? Cos we are going to have a moo moo cow to our family of 3 by 10 Dec 09. And Mummy definitely won't have time to maintain 2 blogs so it'll be a combined blog after this. Hee.

Ok, time to rewind to last week.... ;)

30 Mar (Last Monday)
RaeAnne woke up crying at 530am, had to wake up and feed her milk. Since I woke up liao, kiasu mummy decided might as well test hpt as I have a follow up dental appointment at National Dental Centre. My LMP was 5 Mar so I haven't even missed my menses yet and I had no symptoms so I was not expecting much when I tested, more for peace of mind so that I can fill up the pre xray patient PARQ with some conviction because there will always be a question "Are you pregnant? Yes or No?" And "Don't know" is not an option on the form. ;P

So, I tested, only 1 line. I was about to throw away the hpt strip when I read the instructions that I got to wait full 5 mins for negative result so I WAITED. Then another super faint line appeared besides the control line. I was shocked and wondered if my eyes are playing tricks on me at 530am in the morning? Asked hubby to see the test strip to make sure that there really is a line. Because it's so early and the line was so faint, I'm really not sure if it's confirmed. But that afternoon, I decided to tell dentist that I may be pregnant so put the xray and implant surgery on hold until I confirm.

31 March 09
I bought Clear Blue digital pregnancy test kit to test so that no need to interpret lines. Hehe, dejavu man when I saw the familiar word again after a lapse of 22 months. ;) Then over the few days, I tested with all the hpt strips I had and the line darkened. Wanted to see gynae asap for a scan but could only get appt on 23 April for the highly popular TMC gynae Dr Jocelyn Wong. Was too anxious cos I started having spotting last Wed, pulling pains, backaches etc so I decided to call KK Appt Centre and they gave me an appt on Fri 3 April for Dr S F Loh, whom I saw on 10 Feb 09.

3 April 09
Dr Loh scanned but couldn't see sac. He said I'm only 4 weeks so still too early. I was worried about ectopic pregnancy cos this time I got some slight spotting and pulling pains so he ordered a blood hcg test for me. He also prescribed duphaston, hormone pills to support the pregnancy. He asked me to email him on Sat for the results

4 April 09
Anxiously emailed him in the morning but he was busy seeing patients, replied only 1-2 hours later. He said 953miu/L, don't expect to see sac in womb. I was confused because he didnt say whether it's good news or bad news. Normal or not. So I called TPS again and the nurse promised to pass the message to him. Then got another email from him, he clarified the results is expected level for pregnancy and normal. Phew! A sign of relief but it still took another 1-2 days before spotting cleared.

8 April 09
Had follow up appt with Dr Loh at 330pm at TPS. Kept drinking water so that I have a full bladder but only saw him close to 5pm, bladder going to burst liao. Thankfully, we can see the sac this time. It's only 7.6mm at the moment. Next appointment is 3 weeks later. Hopefully, able to see bb's heart beat then. :)

Yesterday, when hubby told ILs that RaeAnne is going to be a cheh cheh, MIL's face had no expression whatsoever, she just repeated hubby's words listlessly. A BIG world of difference compared to when they knew we were expecting no. 1 lor. Instead she commented that it's end of cow tail baby again. I told her no, this year it's in Dec so not officially tail yet. Then she said most important is that after do full month celebration then CNY. Duh, every year CNY also different day, how to be sure? Hubby is also born in January what. If so easy to plan then why she also plan for hubby to be born in Jan since she don't like tail end baby?

Thought they will be happy that we got baby so fast this time but they don't look thrilled at all. Hubby said they not excited because 1 RaeAnne already keep them so busy. Feel quite hurt lor, I especially try in March, hoping to give them a grandson and they are not appreciative at all. In the end, told hubby that even if ye ye and nai nai not excited about baby no. 2, it's ok, I will still shower no. 2 with all my love. But I still feel it's not fair to no. 2 lor that Ye Ye and Nai Nai have such reaction, never even say a single 'hao' or 'good' word. It's as if we just broke BAD NEWS to them. Why is MIL so concerned about the full month celebration being close to CNY, if her relatives can't make it cos too busy for CNY, then dun invite lor, save $$$, even better. Poor baby! :( Thinking now that hubby's idea to hire maid is probably right after seeing his parents' reaction about baby no. 2.

As it's still very early stage of pregnancy, I'm not going to announce the happy news YET. But to be fair to baby no. 2 who will grow up one day and hopefully enjoy reading this blog, I don't want to hide his or her existence on this blog cos all entries are dated. But those of you who read my blog especially my ex colleagues, friends and cousins, PLEASE DO NOT BREATHE A WORD TO ANYONE UNTIL I PASS THE 1ST TRIMESTER! Thank you, kum Sia many many! :)


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Piggy Family said...

Thanks, Joannah. Your comment really MAKES MY DAY!!! Makes all the late night posts worth it. Of course, I do hope my gal will like the blog one day too. That will be my ULTIMATE REWARD! :)

Are you a mummy too? :)

Mdm 2359 said...

Congrats! I suppose its usually the case when it comes to bb #2 and so forth...

my inlaws were not exactly thrilled to know abt bb#2 and 3 either...not as excited as the first time they become grandparents.

dont bother too much, just concentrated on having a healthy bb. thats most impt =)

Anyway, congrats!