The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, April 3, 2009

RaeAnne had high fever

This morning around 6am, RaeAnne cried from her sleep. Hubby proceeded to make milk as usual but when he carried her out of her cot. He felt that she was very hot to touch. We took her temperature using the ear thermometer and we were shocked. One ear was 39.9 and the other was 40.1. She was fine last night when she slept at 10+pm and when she woke up again at 12+pm. Don't know what's wrong. We debated whether to bring her to KKH or PD but decided to give the 'neurofen' first. I kept sponging her while hubby kept taking her temperature.

Luckily, the temperature came down and around 9am, we brought her to the usual Tampines Round Market PD. The PD checked her, the rashes are gone but her throat looks a bit red. She suspects Upper Respiractory Tract Infection and asked if she has cough or cold recently or whether anyone in the family has fever. But the answer was no to both. Anyway, PD said since it's only 1 day of fever, she will rather not give antibotics so she gave paractemol and ask us to return if fever is still there on Sunday.

We brought her to ILs place after that as I had no time in the morning to cook porridge. We left close to 12noon as hubby needs to get back to school. Then around 4pm, I went over to help out. Her temp was 38.3 then so I fed the paractemol. Gave medicine again at 845pm after returning from ILs place. Just took her temp one hour ago and it was 37.1. Hope the fever stays down.

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