The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

First visit to TMC, saw BB's heartbeat! :)

This morning, finally went for my first appt with Dr Joycelyn Wong, TMC today. Must say she is very nice and patient dr, very reassuring with my questions. Saw bb's heart beat today, CRL is 10.5mm. EDD on ultrasound is 8 Dec but Dr Wong said she'll keep to 10 Dec since that's the date according to my LMP.

But arghh, I still cannot make up my mind whether to switch to TMC though dr Wong very nice because 1) I don't have good vibes when walking around TMC maybe because it's cramped and not much shops. Very boring when waiting for appt. Or maybe I'm too used to KK liao, kept going there for LC visits so the place machiam like second home to me. Thinking of going for TMC hosp tour before I make up my mind 2) Transport wise, really can't stand the Thomson exit from PIE, I took a cab there this morning and the cab spent more than 10mins just trying to exit. And it was 10am, not peak hour somemore. Can't imagine if I rushing for delivery how? 3) Anyone knows how much TMC LC charge for clinic consultation vs home visit cos I always kenna blocked ducts type. I know my KK LC so well but I know she gives priority to KK patients. Some pte hospital patients always try to book her cos KK cheaper I think ($55 per visit). If I switch to TMC, afraid I'll spend an even bigger bomb there visiting LCs. :P

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