The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nasal drops

Hubby decided to bring RaeAnne to see PD again today. He was in a rush and we had a mini accident at the carpark. A woman had parked her car off centre blocking our exit from the carpark and hubby misgauged the distance. Our side mirror knocked into the other car's side mirror. The scratch on the black plastic looks whitish and temporary to me but hope we don't receive any lawyer's letter or inflated claims. :P

Had to wait almost 1 hr at the PD. Luckily today hubby got parking lot early so all of us (me, hubby, MIL and RaeAnne) got to enjoy some breakfast while waiting. Dr Lee said her lungs sound better, not much phelgm. When we told her she seems breathless while drinking milk and can't sleep well. She said it may be due to blocked nose and gave us some nasal drops, new med for cough and new med for blocked nose. Hope this new lot of medicine works. Total damage: $43.

Mummy is eyeing the new Medela freestyle pump because it has 2 phase expression like the PIS advance but it's only one quarter of the size. There is an overseas spree for Medela freestyle now, but it'll still cost about $550 including international shipping It's retailing at nearly $900 in Singapore.

So decided to sell my PIS Advance and Mini Electric Plus at SMF Oh ya, I still have 2 sets of Avent manual pump which are hardly used. Maybe I should sell that too. Pool all the $ together then I can get the Freestyle. :)

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