The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RaeAnne's cough update and mattress cleaning

Brought RaeAnne to see TCM dr at Tampines St 43, recommended by hubby's colleague on Sunday. RaeAnne cried so much once she entered the room. Maybe cos the sinseh was a guy and wearing a mask. She was terrified. Cried even more when sinseh touched her fingers and felt her pulse. Luckily there was a playground nearby so hubby brought her out of the room once sinseh saw her.

Sinseh said it's not asthmatic cough (Phew!) and we can stop the med once she gets better. End up sinseh gave her 2 bottles of cough mixture (which smells and taste like pi pa gao). But it was much harder to feed her TCM med cos though it was sweet, it's also minty hot and she is not used to the taste. Until now, we are only giving her half the dosage cos we just can't syringe 5 syringes of the black stuff down the throat. Sigh, hope she gets better nonetheless.

Mummy finally got the professional cleaners to clean the mattress yesterday afternoon cos dust mites faeces may also be an allergen causing RaeAnne's cough. I tried out De Hygienique service. And look what they suck out from my 4.5 years Sealy mattress after just 1 minute of demo. So scary! :P In the end, I paid $65 to clean 1 Queen size mattres and my baby cot mattress. The cleaner said regular maintenance should be once every 6 months.

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