The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, April 20, 2009

5th visit to the PD!!!

Yesterday morning, brought RaeAnne went to see PD for the 5th time in the last 4 weeks liao. Her cough just didn't recover and she kenna diarrhoea on Sat. Super sianz. Now, PD said she has mild brochoasthma and the same allergy that caused her hives also caused the cough. I asked her what is the allergen, she said it could be dust mites, cockroach faeces etc but anyway, treatment is still the same. And this time, RaeAnne got a HUGE bottle of expensive cough syrup ($38) that will last her for 1.5 months, after that, still must go back and see PD cos need to take the cough syrup for 6 MONTHS!?! Faint lor, so 'sim tia' to see her taking medicine long term. Total PD damage yesterday - $87. This month spent more than $250 on PD visits liao.

Scared liao, yesterday changed and washed my bedsheet and today washed her bedsheets in case there's dust mites, thankfully, my PT cleaner came on Sunday so cleaned up the house. Right now, I'm also giving her DIY TCM, ground cordyceps and 'chuan bei' powder. Yesterday, also asked my mum to help me double boil cordyceps soup for her. My hubby very funny, he told my gal looks like you must drink Mummy's nen nen to be healthy. I told him can, but must wait for another 8 months leh. Once supply stop, cannot restore leh.

Anyway, after PD diagnose her with mild bronchoasthma, I've more or less decided on hiring a maid liao. Cost will be an concern but I can always send the maid back after a few years when the kids are bigger and more independent. If not, I won't have time to look after 2 kids and clean up the house religiously plus have my meals let alone BF/pump in peace. I think her recent PD visits is a wake up call, the children's health is top priority now, if money spent will lead to better quality of life then JUST DO IT.

Next step, must find a good maid agency and a good maid. Tough process cos heard so many complaints about maids. :P

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