The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Recurring blocked duct

Don't know why but right side became blocked yesterday instead. :( It is so frustrating and heartache trying to BF bearing the pain and I feel even worse hearing the baby cry helplessly cos there is no letdown and she is still hungry. I can't even rely on EBM cos she will continue to cry and at most take 5-10ml from the bottle when the maid feeds her.

Would have appreciated more encouragement/reassurance from hubby. I need someone to help me carry and comfort the baby in between latches but he went to shower. Even a shoulder massage from him would be good instead of busying himself with his laptop cos I had a super stiff neck and my fingers and shoulders hurt from bending over trying to press the lumps and massage for over 1hr.

I try to massage myself even though it's so painful and I'm so tired cos I wanted to save money for him leh cos seeing LC is more expensive than buying 1 tin of FM lor. Ask him to help massage also no use cos he also don't know how to press and pressed until so painful. He just said I think you need to go see LC tomorrow so matter of factly. He will help to massage when I ask him and drive me to TMC LC if I have appt and he can knock off work earlier lar. But a kind word or a reassuring hug would have gone a long way. :(

Anyway after a traumatic night, went to see TMC LC at 4pm today. Luckily the LC said the right side is not blocked anymore, guess the painful massage worked after all. It is still painful/swollen because of my overzealous 1 hr of pressing last night. That's also the reason why I pumped and hardly anything came out from the right side cos the milk ducts are occluded due to the swelling. But luckily baby suckling still works, that's why Raelynn is less fussy at the breast today. Best thing is they did not charge me. :) Hope it stays this way cos they r not open over the weekend. :P I'm starting to take lecithin cos some literature said it can help to prevent blocked ducts. But must take 1 capsule after each meal so I tend to forget. Hope it works.

Oh ya, weighed Raelynn today at TMC Parentcraft. I fed her 1 side at 330pm before leaving the house cos she was hungry. She was 5.64kg when the LC weighed her at 420pm. Then I latched her on the other side. She was 5.715kg so LC said she took 75ml from 1 side. Which means she takes about 175ml each time cos when I pump, 1 side is about 100ml. She's got a much bigger appetite than her sister. Faint! :P

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