The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blocked ducts again...

Have not blogged in a while cos I was plagued by blocked ducts since Monday. I think it happened cos I was drinking papaya fish soup and nursing tea to build back the supply after seeing TMC LC last Tues (that was the 3rd time). Then Raelynn had a long stretch of not feeding on Sun night. Plus Sun we were at ILs place then my mum's place and I didn't bring pump along so only expressed to clear out the milk. Obviously, I didn't empty my breasts well enough.

Anyway, this current episode is already the 4th time since Raelynn is born liao, so I'm really feeling quite depressed the last 2 days. This time, I had body aches since Monday and I was not able to look after the 2 gals. Was popping 2panadols and 2danzen every 6 hrs to ease the pain so MIL has been looking after RaeAnne in the day from Mon to Wed.

Well, all the moping around and self doubt ("Why me?"), latching and hubby massage didn't clear the block ducts so today, I decided to try the hot stone massage by Mdm Rokiah recommended by some forum mummies. She is more exp than TMC LC cos each session costs $58. But then, at least I don't have to travel to TMC so it is more convenient.

Mdm Rokiah came at 10am, and boiled water to heat up the hot stone. Then she did her magic, ie. used the hot stone (wrapped with baby nappy cloth) to press against the painful lumpy left side and massage to clear the milk. Can't say it was painless but definitely less painful than KK LC. :P

Blocked side felt much better when she left but it took another few nursing sessions before the recurring pain eased n I finally experienced let down again when raelynn nursed at midnight. Pumpimg before sleeping but amount is pathetic, 50ml at most. I'm sure supply dipped again. Sigh.

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