The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, January 11, 2010

The very long first day...

Today is the first real test looking after two kids with the help of a maid after my CL left. My MIL had kindly offered to look after RaeAnne for the daytime after no. 2 came along but I declined nicely cos I wanted to try my hand at being a real SAHM. I only did that for a few weeks after I quit my job in Feb 09 cos I got pregnant shortly after in Mar 09. With the onset of morning sickness and spotting, I stopped looking after RaeAnne in the day and only brought her back at night after our dinner.

The day passed quite quickly though I was quite worried about the feeding and naptimes of the two kids clashing. My MIL came over for a short while around lunch time to bring RaeAnne some snacks and left at 1pm. Luckily, RaeAnne slept soon after that. Raelynn was fairly guai but still sometimes fussy during latch on. She has started to take only 1 side. After CL left, I had no one to tickle, disturb, burp and distract her so that she would take the other side when hubby is out at work and it's difficult to handle a fickle minded baby, carry her, burp her and put her on and off my BF pillow. :P

I didn't get to nap today cos I made the mistake of asking the maid to clean my toilet while the kids were sleeping. I can't nap in the room with the noise. By the time she finished cleaning the toilet, Raelynn had woken up at 235pm for milk. And by the time I finished feeding her, and wanted to pump. RaeAnne was awake at 3pm. I made use of the kumon sticker and paste book and kept her occupied for close to 1 hr and she didn't like to get her hands sticky. She refused to touch the UHU glue stick even with my hand holding hers. :P

By 4+pm, my energy level was low but I can't nap cos Filamie was busy alternating between changing Raelynn's diapers and dinner preparations. RaeAnne didn't want her anyway. Brought RaeAnne to the playground at 5+pm and came back at 6pm. Luckily hubby came back early so we had dinner early at 7pm.

But my patience was at its lowest at 9pm when I found out RaeAnne had scribbled onto my new bedsheet while I was trying to get hubby to massage a painful lump on my left side, the result of poor latching by Raelynn. Filamie also made me angry when I checked and find out she did not clean Raelynn's anus thoroughly even though I have specifically told her to clean it carefully due to Raelynn's diaper rash. Plus hubby had no luck putting RaeAnne to sleep even at 11pm. Even when I'm typing this post she is being defiant refusing to say sorry when she's at fault and saying 'don't want' and 'go away' instead (don't know who taught her that). Even now she's screaming away in the living room but I refuse to give in this time. Duh...


The Kam family said...

Hi Kitsune,
It's a tough job you are on, jia you!!!

Just to share with you, it's really not easy to take care of 2 alone. Even with my "supermum"'s help, we were just able to do it. It's even more difficult for you cos your maid is still not that good yet.

My advise to you is accept your MIL offer, ie, let your IL take care of RaeAnne for the time being, maybe until Raelynn turns 3-4 months, or whenever she has established a more stable schedule and needs less frequent feedings? Esp that you have to BF, it's really not easy. If Raelynn doesn't empty your breast, you need to pump after latch on. All these needs time.

SAHM is a permenant job. It won't do you good to wanting to take care of the 2 at this stage. I am sure you are very capable of being a great SAHM. But maybe not now, when what you need most is time!

Just my 2 cents worth. Hope you don't mind I said this.

Piggy Family said...

Thanks, Kam. It's nice to hear that someone else telling me to give myself a break. :) Sometimes, feel that I'm not hardworking enough. Because some SAHM look after their kids and they don't even have a maid.

Also feel a bit guilty towards RaeAnne cos I didn't spend enough time with her from 0-12 months. Then after I quit my job to spend more time with her from 12-24 months, I got preggie and it became status quo again.

Yup, I told hubby that I'll try it out for 1 week and see. At least I can answer to myself if I tried hard enough to look after the two kids 'on my own'. :P