The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, January 22, 2010

RaeAnne is TWO!!!

RaeAnne is two years old today. But instead of having a big celebration party every year (cos hubby said it'll spoil the gals), we had a mini celebration at RaeAnne's playgroup. We had a Barney cake (chosen by RaeAnne and collected by Daddy), party packs (sourced and prepared by Mummy) and the balloons (pumped by our maid).

It was a rainy morning so we had difficulties sheltering everyone and everything to her classroom especially the 2trash bags worth of balloons and the party packs. Mummy secretly thinks that by buying her an umbrella for her birthday present, I probably jinxed the weather condition for today. Haha.

We had a cake cutting ceremony with her classmates who were all excited about the Barney cake. Two of them touched the cake even before the song was sung. Luckily Mummy had taken photo of the cake before the damage was done. Haha.

RaeAnne fed herself lots of cake. 1.5 slices in total. ;)

Even Mei Mei was not left out of the celebration. She was carried by Teacher Suriya here. ;)

After the PG celebration, we rushed to ICA to collect Mei Mei's passport and redo RaeAnne's birth certificate as we had decided to change her Chinese name some months back. Thought we can settle everything in 1 hr plus but turns out we need to come back in 2 hrs to collect the birth cert. So, we went over to Bugis Junction, the nearest shopping mall to ICA. :)

Showing me the 'Two' sign outside the Mongkok Cha Chan Teng cafe at Bugis Junction when I asked her how old she is. We had stopped by to have our lunch. :)

The two gals knocked out in the car on our way back. :P

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