The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, February 1, 2010

FM and diapers - penny pinching

Hubby and I went out to stock up on Friso3 n diapers even pigeon wet wipes yesterday. Thanks to Jan and Feb forum mummies, I checked out both medical halls at west plaza pasir ris n got the best deals from each shop.

We dropped by Ikea to get the pot coasters but they are OOS. But at least we managed to eat chicken wings and have a drink at the Ikea cafe. :)

Jin tai tong
Friso3 900g - $21.90 ( malaysia packaging)
Huggies pull up pants - $13.90 (bought 3 packs)
Mamy poko s 48pcs (small pack)- $14.20 (only bought 1 pack cos worried that Raelynn will outgrow the S and move to M size soon)

Chinese medical hall nearer to kopitiam
Friso3 1.8kg (sg packaging) - $45 (bought 2 tins)
Friso 3 900g (sg packaging) - $22.50 (i did not buy since Friso packed in malaysia anyway, got it at Jin Tai Tong instead)
1 big bundle of pigeon wet wipes 6 packs - $18.40

But I just found out that Sheng shiong is even cheaper for Friso 3. Buy 1 big tin and get 1 small tin (900g) for $51.50. :P

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