The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

8 Dec 09 ...

Today was supposed to be Raelynn's EDD. How time flies. Last week I was waiting for her to come out and now our dear baby girl is 6 days old already. :) Yesterday, while at TMC, the PD clinic and LC weighed her and she was 3.25kg. When she was discharged from TMC, she was 3.1+kg. She's latching well and glad that she has gained some weight. Her poo poo has also changed from greenish black to BF mustard poo. She pooed total of 4 times today. :P

Today, Rustic Nirvanan's masseur came at 830am to do my steam, massage. Supposed to have 15mins of BB massage but we didn't have enough time as I wanted to feed Raelynn before starting the massage. Hope we'll have time tomorrow. Today, I wanted to try out a schedule for RaeAnne and Raelynn to avoid yesterday's situation when Cheh Cheh doesn't want to sleep cos I was BFing Mei Mei.

Inspired by Gina Ford so I tried to start a 3hr feeding routine for Raelynn cos she said if you feed the baby frequently in the day and keep her awake for some time in the day. The baby will sleep longer at night and hopefully avoid night feeds.

Raelynn & RaeAnne's schedule
830am BF RL (while hubby/maid prepares RaeAnne for school)
1130am BF RL (while hubby/maid feeds RA lunch)
1230pm Hubby bathes RaeAnne
130pm Put RA to sleep after milk feed while RL sleeps
230pm BF RL (RA continues to nap)
530pm BF RL (RA plays)
830pm BF RL (RA plays)
930-10pm Put RL to sleep after milk feed while RA sleeps
1130pm BF RL (RA sleeps)

The schedule works for lunch time cos RA slept from 2-4pm and RL sleep through from 12noon to 245pm until CL woke her up. Night schedule didn't work as well cos RL continued to sleep and even though we woke her up at 845pm, she refuse to wake up and BF was very slow going with CL waking her for me and her falling asleep at my breast after a few suckles for a few times. By 925pm, I gave up and let CL put her to sleep while I pumped. Hardly any milk came out though breasts felt semi full, hope it's not due to Freestyle being not powerful enough. :P

Then RA pooed (2nd time tonight) so hubby cleaned her up. By the time, I got time to start RA's routine and made her sleep, it was already 1015pm. Don't know what time RL will wake up. Think it'll be 1130pm if she doesn't wake up on her own. Hope she can sleep longer after 12 midnight. :P

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