The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Finally home... :)

Finally back to home sweet home around 2pm this afternoon. :) Discharged a bit late cos Raelynn was crying when we left so had to BF her in the room first while Daddy went to get the car. He had to rush off to pick up the Leapfrog fridge magnet that i bought from WTS thread at Tampines MRT after that. Was so tired that I knocked out with sleeping Raelynn but hubby came back soon after with lunch and my mum came to visit so no chance to sleep.

CL came at 4pm but there was no food in the fridge due to a miscommunication. So hubby followed my mum back to get some meat, fish etc. Raelynn slept from 2pm to 5pm. So only BF her at 5pm but she was still sleepy and only pooed once at 7am so a bit worried.

CL started cooking dinner for everyone at 5pm while Hubby went over to ILs place to get RaeAnne and Filamie. RaeAnne was so excited to be home and to see Mei Mei. MIL came over too. Let RaeAnne sayang Mei Mei's head a few times and she was very gentle. Hubby fed RaeAnne whom ate 1 small bowl of rice with ingredients. Good gal! :)

Tried to BF Raelynn again at 8pm but she didn't drink a lot. Tried to pump after that but only very little colostrum. Not enough to store or give to Raelynn so gave it to RaeAnne instead. Luckily she drank it.

We had to move her cot bed to the other side of the room so that Mei Mei's cot can be next to CL. She walked around her room so many times but refused to sleep. Pooed twice instead. End up hubby brought her to Cheers to buy bread and she knocked out after she came back at 11pm. :P

Tried to BF again at 1130pm, massaged and squeeze out before. Can see some transitional milk on right breast. Looks like diluted BM. This time, she drank more and can hear her swallowing.

CL said feed her a bit of red date water can help get rid of jaundice. She did not pee or poo since she came home so agree to give some though I'm not sure if red date tea is different from glucose water that TMC has given. Hope it's ok. :P

A bit of mixed feelings and nostalgia cos lot of adjustments for the first day. Wondering how we'll cope in future or is it my hormone acting up? :P

Oh ya, was reading a brochure on Fri and decided to go with Hua Xia to get Raelynn's chinese name since we already have the first 2 characters. Got the names this morning, end up both Qi xin and Qi en cannot be used. Will deliberate and confirm one over the the weekend.

They gave us 旗耘,旗容,旗庭,旗珍,旗玲. So far, the strongest vote is for 旗庭 cos we like the short form of tingting and not as common as the rest. Dialect name of Raelynn Teo Kay Tin sounds quite nice too.Then can register Raelynn's name on Monday when we go back for gynae and PD review. :)

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Wendy Loh said...

Erm...glad Qi Xin can't be used - (Qi Xin = crazy in Cantonese, right??). And Qi Ting - sure? Am sure she'll be the butt of cheap jokes like 'Raelynn is cheating, Raelynn is cheating'...sorry to put a damper, but you need wu liao ppl like me to think of wu liao things like these, haha!