The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Raelynn's MMRV vaccination

Went down to IEA at HDB Hub in the morning to sign up for the Real Estate Sales course. So exp, $780 + $100 (student membership). Got to go for class from 17 Jan 11 on Mon, Wed & Fri. Sian to travel from East to North cos bus take 1 hour plus and MRT is not direct. Think I'll spend a lot of cab fare cos I would rather spend 2 hrs of travelling time playing with RL than being stuck in public transport. :P

In the afternoon, finally brought Raelynn for her overdue MMRV vaccination. Was debating whether to split up into 2 jabs (MMR and chickenpox) cos some of the Jan08 mummies were discussing that MMRV's side effects are worse than MMR + chickenpox separate jabs.

Spoke to the PD about our concerns. She confirmed that MMRV may cause higher fevers and fever may last longer (depends on individual). She asked if there is any family history of fits and I told her no. So, that was good, cos risk of febrile fits is low.

Anyway, she said it's up to us, we can always bring her back next month for chixpox vaccine. No point jabbing her twice today, cos the side effects will be similar to taking MMRV then. Let hubby make the decision and he said just do it. He is not keen to bring her back again next month. Plus we usually give panadol syrup after jab anyway. Hope RL will be ok.

Strangely, MMRV vaccination ($110) is $5 cheaper than taking 2 separate jabs ($35 for MMR and $80 for chixpox). One of the Jan08 mummy was quoted $200 by her PD. Wonder why my PD's jabs are always so cheap, but then, I am not complaining. :)

Weighed and measured RL today, she is 9.3kg (75th percentile), HC 45 cm (50th percentile), but her height at 71cm is only 10th percentile :( I still think she's short but sweet. But wonder if I should introduce her to skipping rope soon. :P

Asked PD what to do about RL's thumb sucking habit (her poor thumb is getting calluses and infected). She advised us to bandage her hands and pull a long sock over it. She said it's important to bandage both hands so that she can't pull off the sock with the other hand. If it still doesn't work, she said we can get her to suck the pacifier instead cos at least that can be thrown away. But I'm not really keen to wean her off thumb to pacifier cos that will be another evil to be weaned off. As it is, the reason why RL has crooked front teeth is because of her frequent thumb sucking. PD said that's why must wean off bottles when the kid is 4 years old, if not it will affect their permanent teeth. :P

Went with hubby to a movie gala event at Vivocity. Got to try Ximending restaurant before going for the movie (Narnya 3). Haven't gone for a movie with hubby for a long time. :)

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