The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding anniversary, hotel stay, wedding dinner, food poisoning & Polliwogs

This is an outdated post cos a lot of things happened these few days. Rewind to:

16 Dec 10
It was our sixth ROM anniversary, we didn't go out early cos I was too sleepy after 'chasing' Korean drama Cinderella's sister until wee hours of the morning. In the end, we decided to go to hubby's favourite buffet place 'Olive Tree' at Hotel Intercontinental, Bugis Junction. Buffet was not bad but I thought the price has gone up, $59.90 for weekday dinner buffet. Isn't that similar to The Line, Shangri-La. Anyway, at least there was a 15% POSB discount. :) We didn't have time to shop for presents but we said we'll do it the next day. (P.S, nope, due to unforeseen circumstances, that didn't happen. :()

17 Dec 10
RaeAnne's CC was having their year end concert so we brought her home earlier. Who knows she didn't eat lunch at all that day so we had to scramble to buy food for her from the food court. Fish slice bee hoon soup then rush home to feed her. We are supposed to check into Swissotel Stamford Hotel before 2pm cos it was my cousin's wedding dinner but in the end, we only reached hotel at 230pm and reached our room at 3pm. RaeAnne had already napped for a short while in the car and refused to sleep anymore. Mei Mei slept though. At 430pm, after we gave up trying to put RaeAnne to nap, we decided to go downstairs and walk around and get some tea since we were feeling hungry and the wedding dinner is at 830pm.

We decided to try 'The Hand Burger' at B1 and that was the start of our troubles. I ordered the Pulled Pork burger while hubby ordered the Handburger Original. The beef patty of hubby's burger was still raw inside but being gungho, we decided to eat it instead of rejecting it. Thought it was normal for beef patty to be a bit raw inside. But technically, they never asked us how well done we wanted the patty to be. RaeAnne made noise and said she wanted to go back to the hotel room so hubby brought her back. But she only ended up waking Mei Mei up so we ended up downstairs again, all 5 of us this time.
5-6pm - We went to Robinsons to walk around cos Filamie said there is one at Manila and she is curious to see the Sg branch.
6pm - tapow salted veg duck and rice and some side dishes at the soup/broth place for RaeAnne's dinner. She ate only a little. She's been eating very little nowadays. :/

8pm - After showering the gals, we went downstairs to the ballroom.
845-9pm - March-in of the blissful couple who have been together for 10 years, their wedding date is also their 10 year dating anniversary (Aw..., so sweet), RaeAnne helped to throw rose petals at the aisle.
9pm - Wedding dinner started but it was very slow going, almost half an hour for each dish to be served cos the waiters were busy dividing every course into individual portions. RaeAnne started to cry and scream that she wanted to return to the hotel room at 940pm. Hubby only managed to eat 2 courses so far and he went up with her.
10.10pm - Mei Mei's turn to get grouchy and need to KO so brought Filamie up to the room. She just had 4 courses so far.
1030pm - I came back down and made it in time for the table photo though I was the sole rep of my family.
1110pm - Went up to the hotel room. We knocked out at 1+am after watching survivor.

18 Dec 10
830am - Start of our real woes. Hubby and I both felt our tummy were no good. Hubby started the runs while I started the runs then switched to vomitting. In total, hubby went to the loo 10 times while I had the runs 4 and vomitted another 4-5 times. We were too weak to look after the gals but RaeAnne still needed to eat something for breakfast/lunch so in between, got hubby to bring RaeAnne and the maid down for breakfast. But still, RaeAnne only ate half a sausage.

11am - 2pm
Everything passed in a painful blur. We were too weak to check out of hotel and drive but we had to do it cos the kids and the helpless maid are with us. Luckily we got back in 1 piece. Hubby brought me home first so that I can KO in peace and he went with the kids/maid to ILs house to rest.

we finally found a clinic that was still open and I was given a jab and antibiotics while hubby opted for just med cos he still needed to drive us back home. Unfortunately, the antibiotics the GP gave was not suitable for BF. But I was too stoned to protest and insist that he gave me another type of antibiotics. Poor hubby still had to go to the loo 3 times after coming home, probably cos he didnt have the jab. we just slept and slept after that.

19 Dec Sunday
we slept the day away, hardly ate, except taking our med. But we roused ourselves in the evening to prepare to bring the kids home. Luckily they are quite guai.

20 Dec Monday
Yeah, we are finally feeling alive again. RaeAnne has no school today. In the late afternoon, we finally went to Polliwogs and made use of the POSB everyday card 1-for-1 coupon that I have been keeping in my wallet for almost 5 months. Instead of $24, we only needed to pay $16 for the 2 gals. There was a slight drizzle when we reached East coast park but luckily, they could play indoors.

Raelynn was so sweet at the ball pit, she kept passing the ball over to another boy who is 17 months old (think she will have no lack of suitors next time) while RaeAnne had fun running around the activity gym and slides like a monkey. We had an early dinner there at the cafe. The gals had a good time so I have no regrets going there though hubby and I were not completely well. One item off my to do list but still got 10 more things to do. :P.

After dinner, we went to ILs house first (cos Mei mei KO already so we left her there to nap) then brought the maid and RaeAnne to the Tampines interchange pasar malam cos the maid wanted to buy some hair clips to send to her nieces. I had bought a box for her from Post office and had offered to let her send back 5 kg of stuff back to Philippines for Xmas.

P.S. Found out why RaeAnne ate so little recently, she had an ulcer below her lower incisors. -_-

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