The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mysterious fever

RaeAnne started a mysterious fever this morning. 38.2 deg. Hubby gave panadol and it dipped to 37.2 by 11am. Brought her to MIL house as planned though she didn't go to school today cos didn't want her to infect Mei Mei. I called her CC and Huang Lao shi said none of her classmates were having fever for the last 2 days. That's good cos I was worried of HFMD.

Just started giving Nestle chicken & rice stage 3 cereals to RL today. Wanted to save the FEBM for milk feeds and not to mix into cereals since supply is running low. Nestle is really very sweet cos I tasted it. And she kept farting today, not sure if it's due to the added milk powder. :P Tonight, she didn't even finish 80ml of EBM. I fed her and she kept turning away, taking the cover and trying to cover the milk bottle. Gave up and about 20 mins later, maid tried to feed and she took about 50ml only. Last night, she finished 125ml and still woke up at 4+am for more milk, not sure why today her appetite so poor. :P

Ikea finally delivered the new toy storage racks this afternoon. Finally can move some of the toys from the storeroom into the toy boxes. The storeroom is becoming a hazard to enter with the toys stacked way up. :P

Went to Yamaha to buy her textbooks for her Music Wonderland class starting on 8 Jan 11. We didn't know that we have to pay separately for textbooks. They should have incorporated it into the course fees since it's compulsory to buy. Anyway, the textbooks and a percussion kit came up to $101.25. Commented to the course organiser and she said the materials will last 1 year. Oh well, hope RaeAnne is interested in the course and her interest will last for at least 1 year. :P

Sigh, RaeAnne's fever spiked up in the afternoon and evening though ILs gave panadol syrup. Brought her home at night and gave ibufen cos temp was still 38.5deg. She keeps insisting to take out her clothes cos she said she's very hot. Poor thing, keep explaining to her that it's the fever that makes her hot, not the clothes but she doesn't understand. :P

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