The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Raelynn is 1 Year Old! :)

Mei Mei is one year old today. I wish she will grow up healthy, happy, pretty and taller each day. :)

We already had a big celebration last Sat but Raeanne will be going to Nai Nai place after school today cos we are busy this evening. This way, we can also spend time alone with mei mei on her big day. When we go out with the 2 gals, Raeanne inevitably monopolises our time and attention and poor Mei Mei is carried by the maid. From next year onwards, Mei Mei should be able to fight for attention too cos she's getting more and more vocal at 'complaining'.

Went to Tampines Mall with Mei Mei just now, dressed her in a pink tutu that I bought from BP for just $10 and everyone said she's so cute, so pretty. Mummy feels so proud, luckily, I stopped the maid from dressing her in Gap PJs as hubby suggested cos he said it's difficult to strap her into the car seat with her puffy skirt. But hey, it's her birthday, she deserves to be admired and praised. Of course, wearing a hat helped to disguise her 'baldness' and made her look prettier. keke.

We had set lunch at Cafe cartel while Mei Mei had her porridge. Bumped into my ex colleagues there. Most are surprised to see me and that I've not been working for almost 2 years. Mei Mei fell asleep after lunch cos she was so sleepy. But she woke up at 2pm and we went to Toy r us. Filamie bought her a toy hp and I bought her a toy hairdryer.

Weighed her and she is still only 8.8 kg but she has grown taller. 71cm now. :)


The Kam family said...

Happy birthday, sweet sweet Raelynn!

Piggy Family said...

Thanks, Kam. :)

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday little raelynn!