The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jan10 Mummies gathering

Went to the Jan10 mummies gathering at Compass Heights on Sat. Raelynn is officially a Dec09 baby but I was at Jan10 thread quite often cos got a few mummy friends there. We arrived late cos had to wait for RaeAnne to wake up from her nap. The Jan10 mummies are really enthusiastic and well organised, got lucky draw, goody bag, catering and even music and movement activities for the babies/kiddos. Took a pix with TYL, my ex colleague at NLB and her handsome baby boy Ayden. Poor Raelynn didn't look her pretty self cos she is still botak. :) Here's another pic of her botak head.

Yesterday afternoon, after shower, RaeAnne insisted on wearing her Pooh bear training pants. I cannot afford to let her wet her bed cos we are going out in the late afternoon for the Jan10 gathering and I need her to nap early without disruption. I tried to put a waterproof sheet on her bed but she whined and whined and refused to let me put it down. I agreed but told her since she is not wearing diapers, she needs to go and wee wee after her milk feed before her afternoon nap.

But after I fed her milk, she refused to wee wee in my toilet, even threw away the potty seat in her tantrum. I was angry too cos I warned her many times that she cannot throw things when she is angry. I hit her hand 3 times quite hard and she cried even harder.

Told her to choose between diaper or wee wee and in between sobs, she said she wants to '包尿布‘. Hiaz, felt very sad then, as if I'm forcing her to regress but it's no good for me if she doesn't want to use diapers but refuse to use the toilet/potty leh. I've got enough on my hands then to handle a wet floor, wet pants, wet bed. Change bed sheet, clothes, wash her then put her to bed again, maybe it'll be 3pm by then. Wish someone can toilet train her for me. :P

Oh yes, cooked 'mee hoon kuay' on Fri night, my mum passed me the dough she prepared (recipe taught by my previous CL). It was good but better to roll the dough next time so that it will be thinner. Pulling them piece by piece by hand is no fun though, wish I had the hand rolling machine to make ‘幼面’instead. :P

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