The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, August 23, 2008


The government has just shifted the start date from 1 Jan 09 to 17 Aug 08. But a lot of mummies with babies born from 1 Jan to 16 Aug 2008 are very concerned because $6000 CDA pays for a lot of childcare fees and primary school enrichment classes. And our babies won't get it compared to their classmates born after 17 Aug 08. Mummy sent an email to MCYS and joined an online petition to appeal to the government to grant CDA benefits to babies born from 1 Jan 08 to 16 Aug 08. But unfortunately, because they have already backdated once, they are not willing to change again, see

Poor RaeAnne, is $6000 poorer cos no CDA account, looks like Mummy and Daddy got to work harder to save up for your school fees and enrichment classes in future. At least Mummy tried.

Something interesting happened tonight. Hubby was playing the FP Baby Grand Piano with RaeAnne but the TV was on and our gal was distracted. When hubby realised that she was happily watching TV instead of banging the keys, he said in a tone harsher than normal that "cannot watch tv lar". RaeAnne turned around and made a 'bian zui' face to hubby then started crying. All of us were so shocked because Hubby was just 'saying' her, not even scolding but she cried so pitifully. MIL and I took turns to carry and sayang her, FIL also sayang her, brought her some water to drink to 'ya jing'. Then when she calmed down, we put her back to the piano to play with hubby, for less than a minute, she was ok, then it was as if she remembered the incident, she started to bian zui and cry again but this time, she calmed down much faster. Was telling hubby I think she can 'ji chou'. But luckily after hubby continue to play with her, swing her to make her laugh, she forgot and started to want Daddy again. Actually I also use harsh tone on her too especially when she pulls my hair or bites on my nipple but she never cried before, her expression is usually quizzical, like why is Mummy using this tone on me. Maybe, she's really a Daddy's girl after all, know how to 'deh' her Daddy. Haha.

Collected my Babycenter and Kidsurplus loot from Artemis, a Feb MTB at her Punggol home today. Loved the Carters stuff I bought cos all of them were on offer and most not available in Singapore, definitely not at the same price. Haha. :)

Here are some of the stuff I got for her Hong Kong trip in Dec. :D One mummy at FebMTB forum asked to see all the clothes I got from overseas spree so here's the pic too.


Zoe said...

aiyoh..i wanted to get that pink elephant set too...but cannot fit into the first spree liao...that's why asking who interested in babycentre #2!!

so solid ah..they send over with hangers somemore! I was so surprised to see every piece with hangers!

Piggy Family said...

Lezy, yup, not bad hor, I also didn't know. Since spree 2 got additional 15% discount, you can save a bit more $$ lar. :)