The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Raelynn's 1st birthday :)

Finally finished celebrating Raelynn's birthday with the family and a few close friends. The balloon bouquet came first, followed by the caterer, then the photographer and finally the rotating musical cake. Finally to play a few party games and gave out the prizes.

Raelynn was grouchy and sleepy and had a nap right after the cake cutting at 12.20pm. She woke up at 1+pm much to the delight of my relatives who got to play with her. 11-2pm timing was much better but as usual some of my relatives left late at 3pm so RaeAnne only managed to nap amidst the noist inside her room after hubby and I tried 2 times to put her to sleep. Luckily she managed to catch some sleep till almost 5pm, or else she will be very very grouchy in the evening.

Ordered food from Liang Food Catering, most people said the food is good though hubby doesn't like the curry. This time round, there was a lot of extra food and my mum and relatives could tapow back. We had the extra food for dinner too but RaeAnne got sick of the food and refused to eat it. Can't blame her, it's quite tiring to see the same fried rice laden with veg gravy, chicken gravy, even though there's lot of her favourite fish balls. So, I whipped up some 'mee sua' soup for her with fishcake and spinach leaves and she ate a bit.

Thanks to a few forum friends, I finally managed to do a short 3.5min video clip on her milestones from 0-12 months. Hubby helped me by selecting the right piece of music, it was just in time for RL's party though I had to burn midnight oil from 1am to 4am. :P Cos I'm very new to the software and didn't have the software to edit music so had to make sure the duration of the photos/video clips fit the music and my laptop hung 3 times before I can save the project. Duh...

But in general, I'm still quite happy with it. :) Though after the last crash, I was unable to incorporate my last edit. And because the project was not saved (didn't know there is a difference between saving the video vs saving the project), I had to forego it or else I won't even get to sleep at 5am. This reminds me why I didn't want to go into video production after 2 years of specialisting in Electronic & Broadcast Media at NTU Comm studies. Very tedious to view video frame by frame, much easier to pay someone to do the job. But it is very touching if someone else does it for you as a gift/surprise lar. hehe. :P

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