The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

RaeAnne is 32 months

Wanted to post this before midnight but too stoned from my cough syrup. She is now 12.2kg and 92.5 cm tall. She can talk very well and often makes us laugh with what she says.

Eg. Today, I offered hubby a nin jiom sweet cos he is coughing but he refused. RaeAnne witnessed it and said the following:
R: Daddy want to eat sweet?
M: No, Daddy don't want.
R: Why Daddy don't want to eat sweet?
M: I don't know, you go and ask Daddy lar.
R (turns to Daddy): Daddy, why you don't want to eat sweet. You must eat la4la4 sweet you know. You coughing...

Yesterday, hubby allowed her to feed him medicine (GNC echinacea capsules)
D: One enough
R: Why? (already holding another capsule in her hand)
D: Daddy not very sick
R: No, Daddy, you very sick, must take two.

Me, hubby and RaeAnne are all coughing. :( She already saw GP twice so last night, we brought her to Tampines interchange Nam Hua TCM and we had to wait from 730pm - 10pm before we got to see the sinseh. Duh... RaeAnne doesn't like the cough syrup as much, she said 苦苦. Had to coax her to take it. But hope it will clear her phelgm soon.

Brought the gals to Tampines Central Park for Mid Autumn Festival. It was much better organised than the last one I attended. Maybe cos they had VIP (MP for Tampines GRC). Anyway, RaeAnne liked the popcorn very much but only gave her a little bit this time as she is coughing. Raelynn is very cute, when she heard the line dance music (stage performance), she started tapping her hand against her chest (打拍子). Very cute to watch. It is as if she can't help herself. We noticed this about her many times, think this gal is more aware of music and rhythm than her Cheh Cheh. She enjoys banging on the toy piano and can play much longer than RaeAnne who can never sit at the piano for more than 1 min. :)

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