The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Kitty water mattress pad



We finally retired the Hello Kitty water mattress today. Threw away the water pad but kept the hello kitty cover which has peeled off. RaeAnne loves it cos it is 'liang liang' and it was very useful on warm nights and when she was running a fever. But it has been through a lot of abuse since we got it in June 09.But after she started toilet training, she peed on it so many times while asleep at night and caught her pee (and saved us so many times from washing the bedsheet) that the maid has to wipe and wash very often cos it stinks after that.

End up the stitching was loose at the side and the mattress itself was breaking out, causing the water to leak out in segments. We tried to buy a similar one at Gurney Plaza when we went with the gals in June this year but the mobile push cart outside Cold storage was not there anymore. Oh well, she has to adjust to sleeping on the 'hot hot' mattress as she complained. Took a photo as testament of its long service, hope we can buy a similar one in Singapore one day... :)

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Andrey said...

I from Ukraine.
To you has got casually.
And at us oilcloths do from waterproof cloth.
This oilcloth does not pass