The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Both sisters are sick...

Poor Raelynn started the morning with low grade fever. She started having red spots all over since yesterday. As her temperature was only 37.2-37.6, I did not bring her to see dr immediately. I tried to BF first around 9am to see if she would perspire. She did so I was not so worried. But around 12noon, she was getting more listless and after BF, she did not sweat at all.

No choice, had to bring RaeAnne to MIL house, leave her there for her milk feed/nap, then bring Raelynn and the maid to see GP. Dr said she is having viral fever and a viral induced rash. He prescribed antihistamines and asked me to give panadol syrup. Weighed her today and only 8.1 kg while RaeAnne was 11.9kg, so sad. Try so hard to plump them up esp Raelynn but think both of them lost weight after the recent bout of illness. :(

This afternoon, just before we were going to walk to Nai Nai house. RaeAnne asked me to take a photo of her feeding wawa. She said 'Wawa must drink all'. Think she didn't realise she was feeding Wawa orange juice and not milk. But I love the way she was holding Wawa with her fingers spread out to support her back. :)

After feeding, she said 'Wa wa sleep already' and put her on the bumper mat. RaeAnne came back from MIL house and her cough is worse. Hubby gave med at 830pm so she was already sleepy when she came back. I was BFing Mei Mei then. She refused to drink milk nor pass urine though and KO at 1015pm. Just before she KO, she gave me Wawa and said, I don't want Wawa. So I had to hold Wawa instead. Then, she said, 'Because I cough, I don't want Wawa.' What a responsible 'Mummy'. :)

Luckily by late afternoon, Raelynn seemed much better. Fed med at 7pm though her temperature had come down. Tested temp again at 1015pm and it was 36.8deg. Since she has fallen asleep, decided not to feed med again. Will check temperature again before we sleep. If still high then give med.

Hiaz, whole family sick including hubby and I'm falling sick with nasal drip too. Kept pumping myself with echinacea and Vit C. Hope I can avoid a cold/cough. :P

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