The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant

Went to try out this new Japanese buffet restaurant today, Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant, located behind Nanyang Primary School at Hillcrest road. We have been going to Momoya at Jalan Pari Burong which is very near home and very good. But, their sashimi does not have swordfish plus the grilled shishamo is skinnier than me. :P Went to Hungrygowhere and Shin Yuu had pretty good reviews, so today we took the chance to try it out :)

The sashimi moriawase is really good (they have salmon, tuna, kingfish, swordfish and tako). The salmon was so soft that it's the melt in your mouth type. The tempura prawns and vegetables were also good. The batter is lighter and fluffier than Momoya's. Love the chawanmushi cos it has salmon roe on top, my favourite. The shishamo were very good too, plump with lots of roe. :) They have wafu steak (cut into bite sizes) and beef ribs but hubby didn't enjoy it as much as the yakiniku fried with special sauce at momoya.

The one dish that I will definitely not order again is the vegetable salad (it only has lettuce and some Japanese sesame dressing - so boring). The green tea was so bland that I ordered a Seasons lemon tea. Verdict: will probably go back to our good old Momoya cos the food variety is much more there plus it's so close to home. After pigging out, we are always so sleepy so it's great that it's just a short drive home and can go home to sleep.

The restaurant manager at Shin Yuu was hilarious, he remarked twice to ask us to quickly eat and even told me to stop taking photos cos the food must be eaten 'hot' to be nice. Luckily I face a super bossy daughter everyday or else I would have been super offended. But then, he's probably someone who takes a lot of pride in the food that they serve so he cannot take it when diners are not playing their role by eating them at their best. LOL.

P.S. Forgot to document that Raelynn can finally drink from a straw this afternoon. Tried the Pigeon mag mag cup using the old straw (from FIL house) cos it said for 8 months onwards and Raelynn is already 9 months plus. But she didn't know how to drink, kept biting the straw instead. Then, I decided to 'backtrack' and let her try the Avent sippy cup with spout. But she still didn't know how to drink. The cover of the Pigeon mag mag cup couldn't close properly so I told Filamie to wash and replace with a new one (with new straw attached). Then, when she tried again, she could suck the water. But she sucked so fast that she choked. LOL. :)

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