The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Car seat & baby bjorn carrier

Finally gave up and put back the old car seat. RaeAnne was happy in it for almost 10 minutes then she started fussing again. She'll cry and whine and want me to carry. I blamed it on the fact that I started to rescue her when she was unhappy in the new car seat and this gal learns fast. However, I refused to relent, never give chance cos this is the old car seat and she was able to sit in it for long time previously. Had to ignore her cries when I went to visit my friend Debbie who just gave birth to baby Emma.

Baby Emma is so sweet, small face but really big eyes. Been so long since I carried a newborn that I carried her in upright position same like my daughter then realised it should be cradle position for newborns then quickly changed. Sorry, Emma. She fell asleep when I carried her though. :)

Received our BB Bjorn carrier which I bought from ebay auctions. Brand new and only $88. Think it's a good deal, got to wash it then let RaeAnne try. Hope she likes it. :)

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Unknown said...

I didn't know Emma arrived until I saw her in facebook! Why was this so hush hush huh? Not as if Emma was born out of wedlock ok...I just came back from a european cruise, no break then dived into work...super tired...