The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

BF Career

Read a very cute mummy's BF resignation letter to her baby gal Made me think of my own BF career especially since I kenna blocked ducts again on Monday. Tahan on my own, took leave on Tues to try and clear, keep applying hot towel and massaging. Did not get worse but not any better too. Gave up and went to see KK LC Yen Peng today. She helped me to clear the remaining lump, ouch ouch! Said I got infection (cos my gal twist and injured the nipple) when the flow was not good due to blockage. Had to start on antibiotics.

Was thinking of quitting my BF career too cos push factor was busy workload and kenna blocked duct (I counted, total of 7th times including this time!?!) but after seeing LC today at KKH, she reminded me the pull factors to keep my BF job (she said the nutrients and antibodies which will not be destroyed even if most times she only gets heated EBM). Also, if BB drink BM, she will take in say vit B, C, D & F which she needs and it's in BM. But if BB take FM which has vitamins A-Z, she will end up with extra stuff that she doesn't need and this gets stored as fat around her vital organs. That's why FM fed babies are so big but it may not be healthy, that's why childhood diabetes and hypertension is so common nowadays.

She even psycho my hubby and ask hubby to talk to ILs which have not been very encouraging since RaeAnne turned 6 months and hubby did talk to them. Told his parents BM is better, other people can BF until 2 years old, not true that BM is not nutritious after 6 mths. So my replacement (FM) has been laid off for now though position is still open should I retire. And, Baby RaeAnne is safe from my resignation. Hee.

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