The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, January 28, 2012


3 days before the LNY sale ends at Yamaha, we finally bite the bullet and bought a piano. Been hesitating for the longest time because it is so expensive. But checked with a few friends whose kids are taking music lessons, even though they bought a Stagea (junior electone $2k+) and a digitial piano ($1k+) respectively, their music teachers still ask them to let the kids practise on a piano because the keys are different. Also for grade 1 exam (usu when the kid reaches pri 1), they will still need a piano.

That is just 3 years away since RA is already 4 yrs old. Really don't want to end up buying 2 instruments in less than 3 yrs so hubby decided to buy the cheapest junior piano at $3390. This junior piano will last the 2 gals till they are grade 4 ie. abt 8 yrs incl RL and there is trade in value after that, so it is a less painful decision to make.

Sometimes, I do wonder if RA has the commitment and dedication to learn and practise the piano but since music is the only enrichment which I consider a must have, I feel that I should at least get her the right instrument to try my best to nurture that interest.

She doesn't need to go all the way to Grade 8 or be qualified to be a piano teacher but at least I hope she can recognise all the musical notes and play a few simple pieces for enjoyment. Up to primary school is good enough. If she has no interest, she can stop and I will save that $ and let Mei Mei learn more instead (if she is interested).

Maybe it's because both me and hubby were not privileged to learn the piano. Maybe it's because I just don't want them to feel handicapped to join the band or choir when she is in Secondary school or JC like me cos I can't read notes at all. Anyhow, worse come to worse, I will take up adult piano lessons to make good use of the piano and fulfil my childhood dream if both gals are not keen. :P

Problem now is where to put the 177kg piano? Our flat is small enough and worse, it needs an electric point for its dehumidifier. Duh.... :P

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afoomi said...

May I know the model of the piano you bought? I've just sign up my 3.5 yrs old to Yamaha Music Wonderland, was a bit confused what kind of piano I should get for him.