The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Swimming lessons! :)

Just started private swimming lessons at Tampines swimming pool for the gals today. The instructor, Mr Terry Tan, was recommended by Happy Fish. The toddler class is for kids 2-4 yrs old, $250 for 1 kid, $300 for 2 kids. My cousin, Shirley, wanted to enrol her kids aged 4 n 6 too, but we couldn't find a common timing. Sun mornings she cannot cos her kids attend church. She wanted Sat mornings but most instructors are full conducting the group classes so cannot conduct private class, unless we go to the Sengkang swimming pool which I'm not very keen. :P

Anyway, for the first lesson, RA did quite ok. With us around, she is not shy around Terry at all and can follow instructions to paddle, blow bubbles etc. RL has a bit of phobia of water, she will scream if we just drizzle water over her head to make her 'blow out' with her mouth. Instructor said I can actually choose to start her when she is older eg. 4. Ie, just let her play water while Cheh cheh is having lessons. Oh well, will see how, swimming lessons supposed to strengthen their lungs but we didn't have a good start. RA is having a cough and RL having a runny nose. Got nagged by grandparents for bringing them swimming when they are already sick. Duh. :P

Dec School holidays ending for me today. Hubby already gearing up cos had meetings all week. Even on his birthday last Fri, he had whole day meeting. So, I brought some 爱心便当 of curry chicken and fish maw meat ball soup. Tomorrow, he will start his 11 hr work days again. Leave the house at 645am, come back at 6:15pm again. The start of chaotic mornings for me to handle 2 gals to prepare them for school. RL is still on half day until teacher gives the go ahead. RA started her usual drama of 'I don't want to go to school, I want to go Nai Nai house, I don't want Mummy to work. I want Mummy 照顾我.

Hiaz, she really wears down my resolve to continue to work freelance. First of all, Elfa has no half day childcare from Nursery class onwards so if she does not change school, she has to sleep in school which she hates. Even if I want to pull them out and put them at PCF kindergarten, there are no vacancies. Registration for pcf is super kiasu, reg has already ended in April 2011. Even if there are vacancies, their lessons are very short, just 3 hrs. So, I have to cook lunch, then bring the gals back from school, feed them lunch, shower them, eat my lunch and put them to bed. I am not confident I can do this alone without a maid but I don't earn enough to hire a maid. Hope the new year is better cos I thought about it for long time, but don't have any solutions to this problem. :(

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