The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy 4th birthday to RaeAnne n happy Chinese new year!

RaeAnne's birthday is close to Chinese new year but this yr, it was the closest ever cos she turned 4 on 年三十. Had to rush through her celebration in school on 20 Jan afternoon amidst spring cleaning efforts, her school's cny celebrations on 20th, celebrating our customary wedding anniversary on 21 Jan, actual birthday on 22 Jan when we had to do reunion lunch at ILs n reunion dinner at my parents, uncles n aunties. Last year, we did not get to celebrate cny due to our car accident so this yr it is payback time.

We brought a 2kg strawberry shortcake cake to school at the teacher's insistence but it was too much cos being cny celebration, 4 kids did not turn up for school, 1 left early half day plus the kids have their little tummies filled with cny goodies. So, I asked the teacher to give more second helpings n the teachers to eat more cos I really dun want to bring 2 kg cake box back. My fridge has no space anyway cos overstocked for cny. We bought her a birthday present that she chose herself which was a gal's make up kit. The box said 5 yrs n above but she loved putting on the eyeshadow n different lipsticks so much that I can't bear to stop her. Luckily, the colours were light so she didn't look that bad. :)

On 22 Jan morning, we brought her to snow city cos she has been requesting for 1 week to play with snowballs after she watched mr popper's penguins on mio demand tv. We only brought RA as Mei Mei has been nursing a runny nose for more than 1 week so had to drop Mei Mei at ILs house first. It was a long drive to jurong n she fell asleep on the way. When we reached, it was already 11am n we had to be back at ILs place at 12+pm for reunion lunch so it was really a mad rush. Luckily there was a small eatery at snow city itself so we had some cheese hot dog n warm Milo for bf first.

Had to pay for the warm winter clothings but even their smallest gloves are too big for RA n they kept slipping off. She had fun at the snow slides n the snow tyres. We took pictures with the snowmen n since no cameras were allowed, we had to pay the exorbitant fees of $55 for 5 6R photos but well, once a yr is still ok right?

We had late reunion lunch at ILs place, the gal's didn't eat much. They didn't eat much at my mum's place where we had steamboat dinner too so they took turns n woke up a few times on last night to wee hrs of morning to cry for me n to ask for milk. Didn't get much rest n today was a busy day of visiting to ILs place in the morning at 10+am, then rushed to my mum's at 11am cos I am supposed to cook pen cai for lunch. Luckily, it turned out ok. Not salty upon my parents' taste n no pork or pork stock, the way my mum wanted it.

A hectic week so far. Today, chu2, was thinking of visiting my 2nd aunt but nothing else planned so we see how it goes. Time to R&R...

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