The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Raelynn is 15 months old!

She is 9.9kg, 74cm today. She has 6.5 teeth, 4 on top n 2.5 on the bottom. Cheh cheh was only 9.1kg at 15 months but looks older because she has longer hair. Mei Mei is always trying to take a spoon to feed us (strangely not herself), may be the first step toward self feeding. We have stopped cooking porridge for her cos she doesn't like. She prefers plain porridge or rice with savoury dishes. Last Sat, brought her to Jap restaurant and she ate 1 piece of tamago (egg) sushi and rice with pork shabu shabu soup (gave her the lean pork, carrot, tofu and veg). Today, she ate plain porridge with stir fried pumpkin, steamed fish and steamed spinach. She's drinking 220ml of Friso3, even more than Cheh Cheh. I think I can give up thinking of bringing the baby bjorn to HK cos by June, she may exceed the weight limit. :P

Glad that she can eat outside food cos we won't have to always cook separately for her. At this rate, there'll be no problem for her to adjust to eating outside food at HK bah. I'm prepared to bring a travel cooker otherwise. But think shouldn't need to cos there's always bread, porridge and rice, eggs at hotel. The most, bring a thermos flask of hot water to rinse the food before giving to her if it's too salty.

She loves to drink water and especially loves to drink water from my water bottle cos I put in a straw so that I can drink easily without bending my neck.

The happiest thing for me is that she has finally learnt to call Mamee last week. The reward of me playing with her more often in the day now that my shoulder aches are getting better. Sometimes it still sounds like she is calling Mei Mei but at least it's an improvement.

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Taylor Lamb said...

aww she's so cute. My Uncle adopted from China and Korea.