The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Back from Phuket! :)

Touched down in sg at 1.05pm and reached home around 2pm. The jetstar flight was smooth and I'm thankful cos I really hate turbulences. :P I'm glad the kids enjoyed the trip esp RaeAnne who insisted she doesn't want to come home and she wants to stay in the hotel room forever. Had to threaten to sell away all her toys, bicycles, storybooks etc to 'entice' her to come home.

Recap of Day 3
We brought the kids to the pool around 9+am cos hubby didn't want to bring them too early when the water was cold. We didn't had to worry, the water was not cold at all, maybe cos the weather was so hot. Raelynn fortunately enjoyed the shallow end of the pool (just 5cm deep) and didn't cry unlike the night before when we put her into the 'oversized bathtub' in our bedroom (maybe cos the water was too warm). RaeAnne had fun but fell twice in the swimming pool and swallowed some water.

First time was because she missed a step going down the steps inside the pool and the second time was because hubby was carrying her and she slipped. After that, she told everyone she could that she 'fell' twice in the pool. kekeke. We only spent less than 1 hr in the pool cos MIL kept reminding us that it's very warm for the kids. Oh well, grandparents will always be the protectives ones. After we brought the kids home, then I realised that we brought them to the wrong pool, we went to the nearest pool with jaccuzzi but that was meant for adults. The kids pool was the one with the water slide. :P

MIL fried bee hoon for lunch while the maid showered for the two kids. I took a shower too cos my hair was wet. Bee hoon was a bit bland cos it was catered for the kids. Raelynn woke up early from her nap so I brought her and the maid to the Kids Club and left them there until RaeAnne woke up. Cooked some macaroni soup with veg, mushroom, silverfish stock, topped with fried egg tofu, fried chicken drumstick with garlic. RaeAnne loved it. And kept telling me 'Mummy, I love your tofu'. It was such simple food but she must have missed my home cooked food and soup after 2 months of tingkat. Poor gal.

Around 4+pm, we went to Turtle Village one last time to shop and went into the Esprit factory outlet. I bought 2 t shirts for myself ($12-15 each), 1 pair of white pedal pushers for the maid ($15) and 1 flowery top for MIL ($20). Then we took the shuttle to the beach that was at JW Marriott. The beach frankly was nothing much cos the sand was golden and quite coarse. The drop off was steep too. But RaeAnne and hubby did have fun collecting tiny seashells and hubby even caught a small crab and put it into RaeAnne's pail so that made her day. :)

That night we cooked all the rice we brought along and ordered food from Kindee (there was good review at and delivery is free. There wasn't enough rice to go along so hubby fried 'salty' bee hoon (with the leftover chicken seasoning granules). hehe.

I felt relaxed cos the resort apartment was large enough for the kids to roam about happily yet self contained and the facilities made it convenient for us if we want to cook, brew coffee for ourselves, let the kids swim in the bathtubs or pool, order food in and watch kiddy dvds and have fun with the kids. It is also easier now that Mei Mei is eating most outside foods. If I have a job and there is spare cash, I really don't mind taking up the Marriott package like two of my friends. But right now, I think saving up for a car is of higher priority.

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