The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A drama night...

My mum's birthday is on 9 Nov and my dad's lunar birthday is 1 week after hers. We had our usual small family dinner at Chin Lee Teochew Restaurant at Bedok North Road. Last year, when we went, there was only RaeAnne as I was heavily preggie with Raelynn then. :) Today, bought a tiny cake so that the gals can cut cake with Ah Gong and Ah Ma. Ah Ma doesn't like cream cakes nor the smell/taste of butter so I got a chocolate truffle cake instead. Gave RaeAnne a tiny slice (1cm thick) cos she was so excited about it.

But when she came home, she had milk, nearly finished it, then peed on her bed (we forgot to ask her if she wanted to pee after she came home). Then hubby gave her a small banana, she nearly finished it when she suddenly threw out everything, cake, milk and banana. Not sure if it's because she overate or is she falling sick? While we are all busy cleaning up RaeAnne, hubby was instructing the maid how to clean off the vomit the floor with newspaper, I brought her to the toilet to rinse her mouth, and then she peed again in her panties so I had to wash her bottom and change her again.

When we finally settled with RaeAnne, I went back to the bumper mat and found out to my great horror, that the bumper mat littered with dessicant silica gel beads. Raelynn had bitten and torn the packet of silica gel from the pair of new shoes I was trying on for her (before I got distracted by RaeAnne). Hubby quickly grabbed her and tried to sweep her mouth for the beads then the maid also tried to use a wet towel to clean away. I used the dustpan to sweep away the remaining beads while RaeAnne started to 'scold' Mei Mei for eating the 'small balls'.

Feel so guilty that I left Mei Mei alone and went to attend to RaeAnne. Luckily, she was ok after crying for a while when hubby grabbed her. Hubby goggled and swallowing a few silica gel beads causes dryness in mouth or at most a tummy upset cos it's a dessicant. Hopefully, we stopped her in time from swallowing any or many beads. If it's anything bigger or poisonous that she swallowed, she may have choked then we'll have to rush her to A&E or do the hemlich manoveure. Though there are 3 adults in the house, still feel short handed sometimes esp when there are 突发状况.

Sigh, what a drama night. Needless to say, both gals slept late. I had to latch RL for the second time while hubby sat by RaeAnne's bed until 1140pm. She refused to drink milk or milo so I think she will wake up hungry early tom morning. Hope she is not sick, cos there is a school outing to Downtown East Explorerkidz tom. :P

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