The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Raelynn's Chinese Lunar Birthday today...

But Mummy just found out 5 mins ago after downloading the chinese lunar app on iphone to find out when is her chinese lunar birthday. And I was quite surprised that today is already 十月十六。Because last year 十月十六 is 2 Dec 09 (her birthday) and today is just 21 Nov, 3 weeks earlier than last year. Maybe it's because this year there is no 闰月。The grandmothers are usually better with the lunar dates and will be the ones to remind me (at least for RaeAnne's lunar birthday) but both of them forgot even though we visited ILs in the morning and my mum in the evening. :P

But it's ok, better late than never cos it's not over midnight yet. Plus I bought a pair of pediped shoes from OG today for $29.90 in size 12-18mths. Just nice, can take it as her lunar birthday present since it's traditional to give a 1 year old a pair of shoes. The nice sales staff reserved it for me when stocks arrived. Raelynn can walk very fast with it, compared to the other shoes I bought. Must be because of the soft leather soles, 不愧是名牌货. Usual retail prize is $49.90 so I'm very happy to get it for a steal. Hee. ;)

And it fits Mei Mei's chubby feet way better than the shoo shoo soles which I bought for RaeAnne long time ago. That one didn't come cheap too but even RA's skinny feet couldn't squeeze into that pair of flat front shoes.

农历生日快乐, Mei Mei! :)

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