The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sigh, my supply has been dipping a lot for the last week. I'm not sure why cos I have not seen the big letter M yet. But the low supply is affecting Raelynn and my pump yield is so low that hubby jokes that should just use it for milo instead of storing/freezing for RL. I still took more than 10 mins to pump that pathetic amount okie? Sometimes even more than 20 minutes when I see that the amount is so little so I let the pump run longer. Duh, men... So insensitive sometimes. :P

I'm using nursing tea, drank 3 packs in 2 days. Hope there'll be some effect cos I sold all my BF supplements liao. Anyway, I'm in a dilemma if I should buy fish bones and green papaya to make fish soup to boost SS. Cos Raelynn is already turning 11 months soon and I'm going on holiday in early Dec without the gals. I have about 3 months worth of frozen EBM which we are using to mix into RL's morning cereal. So, is it a wise decision to try and increase supply now?

What if I end up with blocked ducts now or during holiday? The reason for my supply has dropped over the months is also because she is always distracted and escaping from my lap when I'm trying to latch her at 9am, 12noon, 5pm. Since TMC LC told me that it's ok, just need to latch 2-3 times a day, I left her be and didn't bother to pump when she didn't want to latch.

Just now, she was distracted by Cheh Cheh and woke up when I was putting her to bed after latching. Then for the 1 hr when I was trying to put RA to sleep, she kept crying. When RA finally slept, I came out of the room and tried to latch RL but she refused. Kept crying. So end up, I resorted to heating up EBM and she drank all 90ml. Still cried a bit and I heat up another 80ml but she refused to take anymore. She fell asleep after fussing and crying for a while more.

I wonder if I should start giving her EBM for last feed and add rice to her dinner instead of just porridge. She already has 3 solids but she seems always hungry these days. Poor gal. Growth spurt again? :P


The Kam family said...

Rice would be too early for a 11 months old. Can start with soupy rice, still soft but slightly more texture than porridge.

My gal has been taking 3 milk feed (200-240ml) and 2 solid (porridge, soupy rice, pasta, mee sua) per day since she was like 6 months till now, and she is gaining weight very steadily. At this age, you can try to tweak her feeding schedule like adult schedule, to make your life easier :-) Maybe she doesn't have enough milk/food per feed.

skinnybeanie said...

how low is low? i tried pumping instead of latching cuz i was sick. so i was pumping and dumping. yielded 550 -650ml per 24 hours only..

Piggy Family said...

Thanks Kam, was thinking of soupy rice too. She has taken rice on its own too but only about 1 teaspoon when we are having dinner. Maybe I'll offer rice for dinner once she turns 1 year old.

skinneybeenie, I only get 100-120ml combined for my 2 pumps daily (morning and bed time). Usually, it's about 200ml. Yours is 550-650ml, very good. :)