The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, December 22, 2008

RaeAnne is 11 months old today!!!

RaeAnne is 11 months today. Just one more month to your birthday! :)

Milestones at 11mths

- 8.2kg and 71cm long
- Cruising quite well
- Can stand quite confidently with just one hand support or by leaning her weight on something. Stands occasionally for a few seconds
- Points where she wants us to go
- Can imitate gesture for 'bye bye', 'french kiss', 'exercise', 'no more'. Still learning to do 'gong xi gong xi'. Very impt for CNY.
- Recognises her name "RaeAnne", "Gal Gal" and "Hui Hui"(but sometimes take a while to acknowledge it if she is engrossed)
Qihui (still getting used to it)
Kay Ris (still a lost cause cos nobody calls her that)
- Recognises 'No' and 'Cannot' - will pout and whine when we stop her from putting things into her mouth. Will even cry and scream if the forbidden toy is taken away from her :P
- Separation anxiety especially during Mummy's nan nan time. But quite ok to leave the house without Mummy or stay with ye ye and Nai Nai while Mummy & Daddy go out.
- Can drink from straw, will chew on it if not thirsty.
- Self feeding, still far from it except stick biscuits. Too pampered by ye ye, nai nai and Daddy who feeds her all the time.
- Potty training, just started. Mummy bought a new 'simple' potty yesterday. The fisher price potty was too high tech for Ye ye and nai nai.
- Favourite words - Apple and Ba ba ba and Ah Ba.
- Favourite foods - Frisocrem cereal (tastes like horlicks), porridge and Apple (but must be sweet), rice, sweet fruits and whatever else Daddy and Mummy are eating (she'll stare intently at our food and her mouth will move as if she is tasting it)
- Favourite toys - Apple shirt, Apple toy, toys that make noise. She will hold it firmly if it's a new toy/object. Once she tires of it, she will throw away and look around for it. If she sees it, will make noise and point at it.

Mummy remembered at work that RaeAnne is 11 months today, must take photo but forgot after reaching ILs place. Too many things on my mind. Daddy is feeling under the weather and sleepy from the medicine he took so he also forgot. By the time, Mummy remembered again, it was nearly 11pm and you have already fallen asleep. Took a photo of her sleeping instead. Sorry darling, Mummy & Daddy'll take another one tomorrow to make up for it ya. For the record, you look beautiful both awake and asleep. :)

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