The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Gathering at Pasir Ris

The Piggy family went to a Baby Gathering today!

It was raining the whole day but thankfully the sky cleared in the late afternoon so we made our way to Pasir Ris for the gathering hosted by Lyn, Jan08 mummy.

We were a bit late and most of the people were already there and enjoying themselves. This time, we bought pastries from Prima Deli instead of making the usual salad.The babies were playing and 'socialising' happily on the mat and RaeAnne soon joined them. But RaeAnne was very shy and kept to herself most of the time. It was only after a while that she warmed up a little and starting playing and making noise. But even then, RaeAnne didn't play with the other kids nor the other adults. Unlike some other babies who were trying to engage and attract the attention of Piggy mummy especially when she was trying to feed RaeAnne her porridge.

Think RaeAnne is not used to socializing because she seldom go out especially on weekdays when she is looked after by ye ye and nai nai. Also, when Daddy and Mummy bring her out on weekends, it's always to Wai po house and she doesn't get to interact with other babies nor strangers. Since it's been difficult to convince Ye ye and nai nai to bring RaeAnne out, maybe it's time to look out for some enrichment classes for RaeAnne on weekends.

Here's RaeAnne playing with herself.

Warming up a little...

The Group Shot!

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