The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back from HK trip. :)

RaeAnne has made her maiden journey to Hong Kong and back. :) Super drama man, reached airport on Sat one hour early cos already contacted customer service to book seats on Friday. End up the 11+am flight was overbooked and they bumped us off to next flight with compensation (SGD197, USD$75 onboard shopping voucher and $15 lunch voucher per pax). Was a nightmare cos next flight was 4:25pm, 5hours away.

The aunties were not keen to travel back home, end up got to come back to airport again so my poor RaeAnne had to eat and sleep at Billy Bentley pub at T1 cos that was the only place with a couch. We reached our hotel only at 11pm and I only got to sleep at 130am cos had to nurse RaeAnne and she had difficulty falling asleep that night. Probably new environment and after the drama at airport. Didn't put my baby in the bassinet in the end cos only 1 seat was available and don't want to sit alone with baby. Anyway, the check in staff said bassinet is more for babies below 6 months. If baby more than 12 kg, may not be suitable. My baby haven't hit 10kg but I think she'll attempt to crawl out of the bassinet. But very tiring when baby wants to sleep lor. Got to hold her while eating my airplane food, juggling act. :P Weather was cool and dry there. A bit cold on Sunday but Mon and Tues were ok. Hotel was not fantastic, walls too thin but it's clean and they lent me a baby cot which was very useful for RaeAnne to stand. The room had only twin beds so I had to sleep with RaeAnne cos I had to wake up and feed her in the middle of the night.

We went on city tour on Sun morning and went to Causeway Bay to pray. Disneyland tour was on Monday and it was a very sunny day. We were not seen anywhere without an umbrella at the aunties' insistence. We spent more time at Fantasyland where RaeAnne went on the carousel and the teacup rides. Our little gal enjoyed herself.

We went shopping at Harbourcity but didn't buy much but Xmas decorations and the view at Star Ferry was nice. Pity we didn't manage to meet Mylife, Jan MTB, at HK. Was at Elements waiting for her to call but she was busy with the baby. Couldn't wait indefinitely with the whole kampung who were waiting for me to go to Harbour city. Poor hubby didn't get to go to HMV to buy his DVD though it was only 100 metres away.

Nursing and baby rooms are sorely lacking in HK. Better off wearing diaper pants for babies, at least easier to take off and replace. Elements shopping mall has a very nice baby room with 3 changing areas and even 1 cubicle that can be locked for breastfeeding. Too bad not all shopping malls got same standard. At the airport, I had to BF RaeAnne in the toilet, couldn't find the baby room anywhere. :/ The aunties were very helpful during the trip to bathe and feed RaeAnne. Brought milk powder, cereal, Heinz jar food, pigeon baby porridge to HK. End up she only take BM and fresh porridge which 2nd aunty made every morning. Overall, it was a good trip cos I had a lot of family support though I came back with a headache and sore throat due to not drinking enough water in the dry weather and lack of sleep. :)

Special request from the Feb mummies. Packing list for RaeAnne's trip. Don't faint, it's a long list cos I wasn't sure what she'll need so this kiasu mummy brought everything. ;P

Things to bring Diaper bag
1. 1 cardigan/jacket
2. 1 extra set of clothes in ziplock bag (top, bottom, socks)
3. 1 pair of long socks
4. Diapers (day & night)
5. 2 Diaper pants
6. 1 Bib
7. Tiger Hot water flask
8. Milk powder dispenser (tiered)
9. Pigeon mag mag bottle
10. Pigeon feeding bowl with spoon
11. Extra baby cutlery set
12. Pink thermos food jar
13. Baby biscuits
14. Bottle warmer with 1 clean milk bottle inside
15. Small wet baby towel in ziplock bag
16. 1-2 toys (cloth book and toy camera)
17. Baby medicine (eg. Panadol syrup, forehead plaster, what else?)
18. Baby bjorn carrier
19. Clean cloth diaper
20. Baby hat

Baby luggage Bag
1. Electric bottle warmer? (didn't bring in the end)
2. Bottle brush? (didn't bring in the end, but would have been useful )
3. Sponge in ziplock bag
4. 1 hat
5. Hair clips (didn't bring in the end)
6. Baby Bottle detergent
7. Baby clothes liquid detergent
8. Milk powder (put in lock & lock airtight container with spoon)
9. Baby cereal (bring whole tin or put in lock & lock container with spoon)
10. Pigeon porridge/baby food/jar food
11. 1 extra milk bottle
12. Extra bibs
13. Extra diapers (day & night)/diaper pants
14. Extra tissue/wet wipes
15. Baby clothes (long sleeves, rompers, pyjamas, long socks etc)
16. 4 Baby face towel (2 for feeding, 2 for bathing)
17. Non slip bath mat (small) (forgot to bring in the end)
18. Ruyi oil
19. Baby lotion
20. Baby shampoo
21. Baby comb
22. Baby shower gel
23. Baby bath towel
24. Baby waterproof changing mat?
25. Mosquito repellent lotion?
26. Plastic container (use as water scoop?)
27. Tiger thermos food jar? (can cook porridge in short time, didn't bring in the end)
28. Travel kettle
29. Ear thermometer
30. Something familiar for bed time? Pillow? Soft toy?
31. Bedtime zipper sack
32. Breast pump (mini electric plus cos it's most portable)
33. Stroller? (didn't bring in the end)

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