The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy anniversary!

Today is our ROM wedding anniversary. Seemed like so long ago when we ROM at Sentosa on 16 Dec 2004, four years ago but it's our first ROM anniversary as parents. Took leave today, wanted to spend some quality time together as a couple without RaeAnne. For once, didnt' want to interfere or hint hubby about the celebration. It's the fourth anniversary after all, he should know my expectations. Was pleasantly surprised, when hubby gave me a cute looking neck massager that I can use while pumping past midnight. I hadn't prepared his present yet cos I bought a laptop for him last month while he bought me the N85 hp.

Upon hearing that I'm on leave last night, MIL said she wanted to go market and asked us to bring the baby over this morning instead of them coming over. RaeAnne was cranky last night, she slept at 11+pm (don't know if it's because we brought her to Century square to buy her Mag Mag stage 3 straw at 8+pm). She woke up many times in the night so hubby and I were exhausted. It was 10am when hubby brought her over to MIL's house while I continued to catch up on sleep, waiting for him to come back and wake me.

By the time, I woke up again, it was already 12 noon and hubby was not in. He had just come back from MIL place cos he forgot to bring the mag mag straw when he went over at 10am so he made another trip. Was a bit upset that it's already lunch time and I haven't pumped, how to go out for lunch like that. Saw LC yesterday due to blockage so including massaging and pumping, we left home at 1+pm. It was too late for the lunch buffet which hubby promised. So he said we'll play by ear and go for buffet dinner instead. He suggested lunch at Jacobs cafe but I wasn't keen cos Changi Village is so near home, feel that we can go there anytime. Instead I suggested Marche, vivocity cos restaurants that need long car rides have been out when we are with RaeAnne.

We had salad, pizza, pork knuckle and root beer. Hubby was keen on dessert but he wanted to save his stomach for the buffet dinner. We shopped around after lunch at Daiso, Page one, precious thots and Mini toons. We bought a Xmas present for RaeAnne at Mini toons. We have finally bought a Xmas tree on Thurs night and wanted to put presents under the tree. Hubby also went to Music Junction to look around, felt bad that I didn't give him anything today so I bought him a DVD as a present.

By that time, it was already 5pm and I needed to come home to pump again. Logistically, it was not possible to go out again for buffet dinner because we won't be able to rush back by RaeAnne's feeding time which is 7+ to 8+pm. So hubby called back to ask ILs to cook our dinner while we set up the Xmas tree with lights and decorations. Brought RaeAnne to walk walk at Tampines Park before walking home.

Thought she will be happy to see the Xmas tree, even had the video cam ready but she wasn't interested at all. Maybe because the Xmas tree had just the lights and no music or she's too wary of it. She was more interested in the musical greeting card we bought from Page One, though she was a bit scared when I suddenly opened the card and music came out. :P Nursed her many times, before she finally fell asleep at 10.45pm. Hubby fell asleep even before RaeAnne.

It's a first time our ROM wedding anniversary dinner was not at some hotel or overseas. Instead it was hakka yong tau foo that MIL made. Can't say it was romantic. Guess that's the difference after we become parents. Though I think we could have celebrated our ROM anniversary and relived our usual celebrations if there was proper planning from the start, instead of leaving everything last minute and lassiez flaire. Lesson learnt, Sigh.

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