The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cry it out

Very very busy at work. No time to blog these few days. My boss's last day is next Wed so she started to do handover liao. Found out yesterday at dinner that ILs fried the organic broccoli and baby corn that I bought for RaeAnne. Asked MIL and she not very happy. Sigh. Organic food so exp, I bought so that they can cook for bb without boiling to get rid of pesticide and instead, they cook it for our dinner because FIL said don't cook will spoil while MIL said bb don't like to eat broccoli and can't take corn. Don't like to eat also must keep letting her try right? If not will grow up to be picky eater.

Anyway, came back and made broccoli and green pea puree for RaeAnne yesterday. She took only a bit, as usual, she dirtied her shirt so don't dare to give her too much also. Hubby tried Cry It Out method to make RaeAnne sleep in the cot yesterday. Poor gal cried for more than 20 mins, from the time I was finishing up the puree, washing up the container, until I showered and finish shower. She was still crying even though I asked hubby to feed some water. She stopped crying only to drink water. :P Heart pain to hear her cry like that. End up I latched her to comfort her then she fell asleep.

Went to see LC today cos still can't clear a small lump. Shun bian asked her about CIO method and she said it can take up to 1 week to work and have to gradually increase the duration. Cannnot suddenly let her cry for so long. Anyway, she also said have to be consistent. I really don't think ILs will have the heart to do it so told hubby not to waste his time if he's not going to follow through with ILs.

Tonight, scared history repeat itself so latched her for very long once we came back from ILs place so that she can sleep early. Maybe we were lucky, she slept at 9pm but woke up again 15 mins later, then I latched her again, this time she slept around 930pm and until now. Keeping fingers crossed. Oh ya, we weighed her again today but she was still only 8kg. :P

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