The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Char Kuay Teow

Went for antenatal class yesterday. This speaker was not as humourous as the lactation nurse manager last week. But she did clear a few doubts. She said don't use ear thermometer for baby because NB's ear membrane very fragile. Instead, just use a digital thermometer and measure under the armpit (must make sure BB's armpit) is dry. She also showed us how to fold a cloth nappy (won't be using it, too tedious to wash & dry lar) and how to give baby a bath. She also clarified that no need to use cord spirit to clean BB's umbilical cord, just use cool boiled water and cotton ball because KK did a study and found out the risk of umbilical cord infection is the same whether we use cord spirit or boiled water. Yeah, no need to buy the container for cord spirit liao. :)

Received my beansprout pillow with extra cover yesterday. It felt very hard though because they packed a lot of beansprout husks inside (at least they are not stingy about that). Asked the supplier if it will soften with use and she said yes. Received the bamboo baby chair from my colleagues yesterday. They even attached a golden ribbon to it, looks very sweet. :) A lot of colleagues were admiring my BB chair cos I left it at my cubicle until hubby came in the evening to pick me up. One of them pointed that there were some rough corners which may scratch BB's tender skin. Must ask hubby to find sandpaper to smoothen before letting BB use it.

Just came back from Parkway parade. Wanted to eat char kuay teow for supper yesterday but the stall was closed. Had dry fishball mee pok instead. Had swensens breakfast at Parkway and satisfied my craving for char kuay teow at Marine Parade food centre with the famous watery char kuay teow for lunch. Found it too garlicy (lots of roughly chopped garlic) but at least the pork lard was good. Hee. Had sugar cane juice too.

Went to kiddy palace and saw the 'hard cover' Pigeon wet wipes, $7.20. Some mummies said it was hard to find, I didn't buy since no promotion. The 3 packs (82 pcs each) on offer though at $10.10. But I want to wait until JL expo sale and see if got promo since I have JL vouchers.

Went to Harvey Norman too to check out video cam, think we more or less decided on which model to buy liao but costs about $1499 (excl extended 5 year warranty fee) so must wait until get Dec bonus before can buy. :P

Was looking for pretty little girl dress for BB's first month. Came across this french shop called Chateau de sable on the 3rd floor. Saw a little pink dress with 2 ribbons which I really like but $39 quite expensive and there was no promotion so didn't buy. :P

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