The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Carrot soup!

The gals borrowed this book "Carrot Soup" from Tampines Library a few weeks ago. A cute story of a rabbit who was trying to make carrot soup but all the carrots that the painstakingly planted disappeared from his garden. The gals loved the story but it was due so we had to return it a few days ago. After I returned the book to the bookdrop, RA told me Mummy I am very sad. Why, I asked. She said because you promise (to follow the recipe on the storybook) to make carrot soup for me. But you returned the book without making the soup.

Guilty as charged. I thought she would have forgotten what I said. But never mind, it was easy to remedy. I told her it's ok, mummy will google for recipe and make the carrot soup for her as promised. All thanks to Jamie Oliver's online recipe, I adapted from there, omitted the nutmeg and ground coriander and substituted the vegetable stock with chicken stock.

I made carrot soup this morning. It was easy to make. If including cutting the carrots into slices (the step that took the most time, after I discovered my food slicer, it was much faster), it was about half an hour of prep and cooking time. Much easier than making mushroom soup in fact cos I don't need milk or cream. I made enough for 4 adults and I brought some extras to my bro and mum to try. RL usually doesn't eat carrots when I cook in ABC chinese soup or stir fry. She prefers cucumbers, cai xin and lettuces. But the small pot of carrot soup has 5 carrots worth of fibre. She definitely took a lot of carrot today. Haha.

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