The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ear piercing at b*dazzle at Wisma atria

We all pierced our ears today. RaeAnne was the one who kept asking us to bring her. So we went all the way from Tampines to Bdazzled at Wisma Atria as recommended by my friends because it is 100% sterile since they use disposable cartridges sealed in packs. They also have two staff so both ears can be pierced at the same time. Better for kids.

But after RA chose the pure gold pink crystal earrings ($178), she chickened out n refused to sit on the chair. Kept trying to cover her ears. Grr.... So someone had to be the brave one n show her the way. Can't be Daddy so it was only Mummy. I have never pierced my ears b4 so it was hard for me to submit my virgin ear lobes to the nice ladies. They were trying to convince it to get the diamond earrings that were $500+. But it was out of my budget. Plus I already have a pair of tiny diamond earrings from my 四点金。So I chose a pure gold light blue crystal earrings to match RA's.

First, they wipe my ears with antiseptic solution then they dotted each ear lobes with a marker. Checking that they are balanced. Then they sprayed numbing spray on both ear lobes. The actual piercing was v fast n not v painful. Less painful than an injection I felt.

Both ear lobes were done together as they had 2 staff. Good for kids cos at least they cannot chicken out after piercing just one ear. If we had gone to parkway branch, each ear lobe must be done separately cos there is only one staff there.

After I have pierced my ears, it was RA's turn. She was still trying to shirk away but I got her to sit on my lap cos she was still afraid. But at least she didn't cry. RL saw both our earrings n decided she wanted to do it too. She chose the pink earrings too. She was brave n did not try to cover her ears but once the piercing was done. She cried loudly. The ladies had to pacify her with sweets. After taking 2 sweets, she was a sunny gal again. :p

Total damage : $556 including 2 bottles of ear care solution.

PS. The antiseptic solution smarts when I was cleaning the ear lobes. More painful than actual piercing itself. The gals screamed n i got to do it for the gals twice a day. Zzz....

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