The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

UK Agro Farm 3-4 June 13

School holidays finally started and I can breathe a sigh of relief cos hubby is around. Have been busy last few weeks with housechores cos my PT cleaner went back for 1 month home leave since early May.

Yesterday, on 3 June, the very first weekday of the school hols, we went on a family trip to UK Agro Farm in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It was a last minute road trip with my family plus my mum, mil, 大舅,大舅妈. 小姨 was supposed to come too but her high blood pressure was out of control these few days so she cannot make it. The idea of UK Agro farm came in March when I saw the brochure in our previous Malaysian driver, Mr Lee's car. Asked my cousin, Shirley previously but she could not confirm her travel plans in June. Since my uncle and aunt were back from NZ for visit, my mum asked me to quickly organise a trip before they go back in July so I took the chance and suggested UK Agro Farm. Cos I wanted my city gals to experience country side farm life instead of Singapore's urban life. Naturally, we engaged Mr Lee again.

He picked us up at 8am cos check in time was 2pm and I didn't want to be too early. Traffic was good and by 9am, we were having breakfast, thai seafood fried rice recommended by Mr Lee. The fried rice at RM5 had lots of sotong and prawns, perfect for my seafood loving RL.

There were still time to kill so he brought us to Jusco after BF. I look around for waterproof sandals for RA and RL cos their existing ones were too tight. I stopped buying crocs for some time since Nai Nai could get cheap, fake crocs with angry birds or other cartoon designs for $10. I bought 2 sandals, 2 night dresses and a blousy cotton top for myself.

After shopping, he picked us up at 1130am and we proceeded for lunch. Enroute, we tried fried durian and fried chempedek which we bought from a famous roadside stall. It costs RM2.50 each but it was very sinful, crispy to the max and super oily plus heaty. Hubby bought 8 each but we could only eat half of them. RL had knocked out in the car by then cos she was having a cough and we fed her cough syrup in the morning.

Our driver recommended pipa duck (which looks like roast duck with a sauce) at the coffee shop eatery. Food was good but we were too stuffed from the fried durians so could not eat much. After lunch, we finally proceeded for UK Agro Farm. RA and RL had asked me at least 5 times when they were going to see the goats by then.

When we were close to the farm, RL had woken up. She did not have lunch so I could only give her some baby bites and sweets first. We reached UK agro farm after a bumpy 6km dirt road in from the main road but along the way, we saw beautiful orchid farms and even cows.

The lobby at UK farm wasn't impressive, maybe cos we are not used to resort farm lobbies. But the check in was quite quick and they got the bus to bring us into the chalet blks, saving us a 10-15 mins walk from the lobby.

Accomodation at the wooden chalets was quite basic, air con, fan, shower, kettle, and a mini fridge. Toiletries only include bath towels and wall dispensed body soap n shampoo so you got to bring everything else yourself. We had quad share and 5 pax in a room. But the rooms were triple share so for each additional person, there was an extra mattress for sleeping on the floor. There were houseflies in the room too but then they do give us fly glue traps and electric repellents to ward off mosquitoes.

After putting down our stuff, we took the bus out again for our afternoon tea. They served cupcakes, choc cakes, green bean soup and milk tea. But my relatives including MIL were all afraid of goat milk so they only ate the green bean soup. haha.

Then we took the 3 hr farm tour which included goat feed processing, goat feeding, lamb feeding and visits to the ostrich farm, vegetables farm and mushroom farm.

After a sumptuous Chinese buffet dinner, at 9+pm, we got to release sky lanterns but being our first time doing it, our first lanterm was stuck in a tree. haha. We all slept early at 10+pm But around midnight, I was awaken by Raelynn's whining and talking. Woke up to check on her and realise that she was having a fever. I didn't have children panadol with me so I could only put on fever cooling patch for her and sponge her back and stomach and neck. Thankfully, she slept again and next morning, fever was gone.

In the morning after BF, we brought the gals to the goat challenge where we have to try to catch 1 goat/kid out of 6-7 goats in a fenced up circle. Even though the challenge was just 5 mins, we ran like mad and our shirts were all wet. We didn't even managed to touch the fur on the goat, let alone catch it cos they were too fast for us, even the limping one. haha.

After that, we used up half of our archery coupons. I got nowhere near the bull eyes but hubby got a few into the yellow dot. We went to the mini zoo too. By then it was 11am, so we quickly went back to shower so that we can check out and have our lunch, provided by the the hotel. Took a quick horse cart ride that costs RM60 for 4 pax cos RA wanted to try it. Then we said goodbye to UK agro farm. Went to KSL for dinner before going home. RA and RL enjoyed the motorised rides for 15 mins.

Post trip review: RA and RL were thankfully blissfully unaware of the stench from the goat poo. And they were thrilled to carry the kids in their arms. They loved feeding the birds at the mini zoo too. They did not hesitate at all to climb the steep ladders up to the tree house and loved the adult sized rope swings at the farm. There is hope for bringing them to Australia farm stay next time. ;)

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