The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Smoke gets in the eyes

Eye mo is now my best friend. The haze hits Singapore suddenly when we were still at Sentosa on Tues. It wasn't that bad then. But things quickly got worse on Wed early morning until it hit a hazardous 401 on Friday. My eyes sting and my throat is scratchy when psi was 200+.

Inside an air conditioned room, the air was quite ok but I did not want to switch on air con for the kids every night especially because RL already started a runny nose after just 1 night of air con. So I had no choice but to be a bit kiasu. Although I did not join the mad rush to stockpile N95 masks, I did grab 2 air purifiers. I say grab cos it was chaotic with air purifiers oos since Wed. Everyone at Best Denki was looking for air purifiers but all were oos. Even display units were gone for the popular Sharp plasmacluster models followed by Novita then Honeywell.

I grabbed 1 display unit of Sharp plasmacluster from the friendly Uncle William on Thurs. It was a basic model without hepa filter and only good for a small room upt to 15 sq metres. The next day, I grabbed another one after I spotted a salesman who was carrying the box with the same model number and there was no hovering customer by this elblow yet. One for the kids room and one for my mum's house. The model I bought were only good enough for small rooms but I really didn't want a big model that will take up floor space after the haze situation is gone.

I was hoping that with an air purifier, I can use it in the gals' bedroom with the windows closed but without air con. The verdict is that I still need to switch on the air con cos it is too stuffy plus the smoky smell still permeates the room. So in the end, I used the purifier, my novita aroma diffuser and switched on the air con. I am definitely expecting an very high electricity bill this month. haha.

Let's hope the haze clears up soon for everyone's sake.

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