The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kiddy Sushi Bento workshop

Went for parent-child Kiddy sushi bento workshop by Umisushi at Changi City Point. It was a 2 hr workshop from 3-5pm and we were making ladybird sushi bento. I was hoping to learn how to make sushi rice but white and orange coloured sushi rice was already prepared for us. I guess the difficulty level was not high since the kids have to do most of the work while parents help out. At least they did give us a recipe for cooking Jap sushi rice.

RL was too young to join the workshop as a participant as the minimum age was 5. But the organisers were very sweet and allowed her to look on by the side and help out. Spreading and shaping the sushi rice was tough for RA cos there were no kiddy gloves provided (size s glove for adults is still too big for kids) so the rice were stuck to her fingers.

After the sushi is rolled and cut, the gals, it was time to decorate the bento box. RA had no problem cutting out the cheese, carrots etc. Same for RL. But most of the time, RA n RL were busy eating the tori karaage and cut sausages cos it was 4pm by then and they were hungry. Lol.

Reg was $60 but I was pleasantly surprised that their goody bags had a tissue box cover, a bento box, 1 pack of kiddy soy milk, 1 pack of ribena, 1 adult bento, 1 kiddy bento, 1 cup of ice lemon tea and even soft serve ice cream.

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