The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Staycation at Hard Rock Hotel & Adventure Cove

I wanted to surprise hubby with a staycation on Father's day but RaeAnne let the cat out of the bag. Since hubby had tuition on sunday morning, I took both gals with me planning to go to SEA Aquarium first before he joins us. When we reached at 11am, I was shocked. There was a super duper long queue snaking from the entrance for at least 30 metres. The queue post said the queue was 30-45 mins long. I seriously doubted it. So I told RA we should come back on Monday since we are staying at the hotel tonight. But she whined and refused. She wanted to queue. I asked about the priority queue but the bouncers said I need to buy separate priority tickets.

It was a super frustrating long queue. 2.5 hrs later, after queuing upstairs and downstairs, we finally entered to see the fishes. Our main aim were the dolphins which we missed on the last visit and RL's favourite sharks. 2.5 hrs wait for 45 mins visit cos hubby has already arrived and waited for us. What a waste of time. Worse! I found that that RWS invites card members had priority entrance but the bouncers did not know. Super poor communication on the ground. Duh...

We checked into Hard Rock Hotel only at 430pm after our high tea buffet at Starz restaurant. I reviewed the hotel at Tripadvisor. First day, we went to the hotel pool during evening time. Hard rock pool as usual is good with sand play and water play. RL doesn't enjoy the sand though. haha.

On the second day, we went to Adventure cove around 12noon after a late brunch at Toast box. We didn't have much time so the gals ony tried the meandering river and the wave pool. No time for Ray bay and Coral reef. Actually I find that Adventure Cove is more for older kids. For RL, there are only 3 rides that she can do - meandering river, wave pool and treehouse water play area. For RA, she gets 2 more rides Ray Bay and Coral Reef but she must be accompanied by an adult. All other rides needs a height limit of 122cm which both my gals don't meet.

All in all, it was a good stay minus the long queue. But next time, I will choose Festive hotel cos of the bath tub and for its family friendly touches. :)

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