The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Frozen EBM

Brought about 10 bottles of frozen EBM 2 days ago to deposit at ILs freezer (cos mine ran out of space). Hubby told FIL to mix about 50-60ml into RaeAnne's FM to help clear stock. We have been doing that for 1 month plus liao. But since RaeAnne is there in the daytime, I can clear my frozen stock faster if they help to mix in the EBM as well.

Then tonight he asked MIL if RaeAnne has been drinking the frozen EBM and she said no, don't want to give. I told her we have been mixing it for 1 month plus already, not that we just started it. And she just replied don't want again and with a disdained look on her face. No explanation, nothing. Hubby just looked at me and don't dare to say anything. I was damn upset but cannot confront them directly since hubby chose not to say anything. When I have a quiet moment with him, he told me bring the bottles back lor. His parents are not advocates of BF, what to do? :/ Told hubby that's why I dislike having them to look after RaeAnne cos they never respect the decisions made by me as a mother. Worse reject my decision with no explanation at all. Why don't they understand the goodness of BM no matter how I explain to them? And this problem started since RaeAnne was born. :/

Think I will start bringing RaeAnne home from school liao. After all, MIL is getting nowhere with toilet training cos if RaeAnne hasn't pooed for the day, she will keep her diapers on. Consistency is the way for toilet training but I know they can't do it cos they are scared of the cleaning up and they have no maid.

What I worry about is BF and blocked ducts. But I guess if I kenna blocked ducts cos no time to latch and pump then take cab down to see TMC LC with baby n toddler in tow. If maid can't cope and no time to cook then order tingkat. Worse come to worse, pay my mum $ to come Mon, Wed n Fri to help. Will take one step at a time. I will 看开点,as long as it's something $ can solve, I will try my best not to get upset and fret about it. Since there's no way I can communicate to them if they are being so backward and opininated. No point banging my head against a stone wall and make things difficult for hubby.

Looks like I confirmed got to get a second hand upright freezer after all. Cos I won't have freezer space to store 1 week's worth of food to cook for RaeAnne if I don't.

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