The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visit from Aunty Wendy

My friend Wendy who is based in Beijing finally came by to visit, she didn't managed to visit last year when she was here cos Rosabelle (Rosie) was down with fever then. And being her usual considerate self, she didn't want to visit to avoid 'infecting' me as I was still pregnant then.

This time, she also brought the loot which she helped me order from taobao, China and refused to accept any payment. So, the gals got Carters/Gap rompers, shoes, an inflatable bathtub, even mummy got present (washable breast pads) from generous Aunty Wendy. :)

Got the maid to cook a kids friendly dinner: steamed tofu with meat patty (chopped carrots and mushrooms), steamed cod fish (marinated with teriyaki sauce), tofu seafood soup (prawns, pork slices, fishball, crabstick, egg tofu, sio bai chye cooked in chicken stock) and stir fry sweet potato leaves (with hay bee hiam for the adults).

Rosie was very 赏脸 and patiently ate almost half of her food and even drank a small bowl of soup. RaeAnne on the other hand refused to eat fishball, cod, crabstick, tofu, meat nor rice. Arghh!!! So frustrating. Hubby had to resort to feeding her bread after that. But I found out today that she's definitely teething. A wee bit of her bottom right molar (one of the last 4 molars to erupt) has cut through the gum. Which explains why she has been so fussy with food recently.

The gals need some warming up at first especially RaeAnne who is too possesive and refuses to share with Rosie. From the high chair (which she refuses to sit on for goodness sake) to my iphone (hubby was trying to show both she and Rosie the apps games). She even cried when Rosie hugged and kissed her. Duh... So unfriendly and so embarrassing for Mummy. :P

Luckily she did warm up towards the end and was happy to share the blueberries with Rosie. When we saw Wendy and Rosie off in the cab at 830pm, she said, "Rosie 妹妹回家了,milk milk, orh orh." She thinks that Rosie has gone home to drink milk and sleep. Maybe she's right cos Rosie didn't nap today. While my naughty gal only napped 1 hr from 130 - 230pm today so she KO while I was taking my shower at 10pm.

Just realised that I've known Wendy for almost 10 years since our days at Mileage Communications in 2000. Haha, how time flies.My 9 months stint there sucked but my reward was making a great friend. How our lives have changed since we worked and bitched about work during the mrt ride from Tanjong Pager to Paya Lebar/Eunos. Thanks for the ten years of friendship, Ah Niah and for always making efforts to catch up when you are back. :)

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