The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, February 22, 2010

22nd Feb 2010

It's 22nd of the month again. Have decided not to take a monthly photo of RaeAnne today. Feels weird not doing something I have done for 24 mths. ;P She is no longer a baby and it makes more sense to do a yearly review on her birthday instead. Also, it's time to focus on Mei Mei instead whose special day falls on the 2nd of the month. Will be fair and dedicate 2 years to Raelynn too. :)

Have decided to let MIL look after RaeAnne in the day by default. Although I still feel guilty about not spending enough quality time with RaeAnne, making sure that she learns stuff. But I have no choice cos I get blocked ducts problems so often. If I got to look after RaeAnne in the day, I don't have time to pump after latching Mei Mei and no time to massage before and after BF. Since I'm not working, I can't keep seeing LC as well. If I were to give up BF Mei Mei because of RaeAnne. I will feel guilty as well. So, I guess the best way is to accept MIL's help and maintain status quo. I can spend more time with RaeAnne on weekday mornings and weekends.

Tried to adapt to Gina Ford's method of getting bb to sleep through the night ie. 12am to 6am but failed to make Raelynn sleep from 7pm to 11pm. Main reason is because it's dinner time and after that we make our way to MIL's house to pick up RaeAnne. Hardly the minimum stimulation stipulated by Gina Ford to make bb sleep early so that he/she can wake up hungry and ready for final milk feed. Oh well, I did managed to drag Mei Mei's final feed to 11pm instead and she slept until 430am. Better than nothing I guess. Tonight's timing is almost similar cos she refused to sleep at 10+pm after final milk feed at 10pm. I had to feed her again at 11pm before she knocked out. Let's see when she will wake up again. :P

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